Episode Review: Transformers S01 Ep01 “More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1”

“Prime told me there’d be days like this”

More than Meets the Eye Part One serves as an introduction to the epic war between the Transformers. We learn that the Transformers are a unique race of robots who live on the planet Cybertron. Early on in the show, the scene is set as we see that Cybertron has been drained of its resources by the war raging between the peace loving Autobots, led by Optimus Prime and the evil Decepticons, who are led by Megatron. We see that the transformers are aptly named as they can change from robots to vehicles-also referred to as “alt modes”.

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Future Events From Infinite Frontiers

For the last couple of years people have been asking us here at Infinite Frontiers if we have plans to run any more events or conventions. Those who attended Auto Assembly over the years since the first event back in 2000 have been asking if the convention was going to make a return or if we had any other plans in the pipeline. Certainly we’re no strangers to running events and social gatherings here and it’s part of our long-standing heritage. We were formed back in 1989 originally as a Doctor Who fan club, based around holding regular club meetings and gatherings and while we rapidly moved into digital publishing within a year, we soon moved back into running events with a Star Trek convention and a long running club which again held regular meetings before the advent of Auto Assembly.

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A Collector’s Life Part 2: Transform and Move On…

Recently we launched a new series of articles spanning all three of our websites, kicking off with the first instalment on the Infinite Frontiers site – A Collector’s Life Part 1: What Makes Us Collect Things? While I looked at what drives the passion of collectors, I only touched briefly on the diverse range of what people and collect and why.

Now it’s the turn of Transformers and my personal story from start and a rather dramatic change for the future…

Most fans my age would be about to recount memories of their childhood of when they received their first toy, their first comic (most likely the epic run from Marvel UK) or the first episode of the original G1 series that they saw on television. Those same fans could remember every detail about seeing the 1986 movie in the cinema and witnessing what would have been the heartbreaking scenes to them as a child when they witnessed Optimus Prime die for the first time.

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Transformers: Age Of Extinction – Leader Class Optimus Prime Review

I enjoy the Michael Bay movies. There. I said it. However, with each movie, I make an empty promise to not buy as many of the toys this time around. Of course I break that promise every time.

Usually what leads me to break that promise is a sense that I have to complete a line or I really like the characters design. This time my motivations were a little more childish and petty. It was Christmas Day and my cousin’s young son had a Transformer that I didn’t. That was unacceptable to me so I sought one out.

Lo and behold, no more than a week later, I held in my hand Age of Extinction Leader-Class Optimus Prime. And I have to say, in-hand he looks a lot better than he does in pictures. Sure, he has the same issues but some things just look better when they’re right in front of you and this figure is one of them.

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My Favourite… Character – Rodimus

When presented with as open-ended a question as “describe your favourite something-or-other to do with Transformers”, one can find their mind quickly becoming as blank and featureless as the void Unicron was so fond of back in the old Marvel days. And so, after a good deal of back-and-forth and trying to be all clever-clever (my favourite non-Furman issue of Transformers UK!) I decided to keep things simple. My favourite character.

Except that’s not simple, because my favourite character is Hot Rod. Sorry, Rodimus Prime. Sorry, just Rodimus. Just Rodimus.

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Are There Any Good Transformers Slots? Let’s Take a Look…

These days, almost every franchise has at least one iGaming counterpart that fans and novices alike can enjoy. The Batman empire has at least six different slots on the go, while Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones and even shows like X Factor all have their own slots. Of course, this got us thinking about the possibility of a Transformers slot existing somewhere out there in the World Wide Web.

After all, our Auto Assembly inspirations are the very pinnacle of high tech and have reached every corner of the media world. There are movies, comic books, television series, toys, conventions, webisodes, spin-offs and almost everything else you can think of – so why not a slot.

Well, never fear fellow Autobot allies as there is indeed a Transformers slot out there that you can go and play (for free, might we add) right now.

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Transformers Toy Review: Titans Return – Deluxe Class Sergeant Kup with Flintlock

I don’t know what it says about me, but two of my favourite Transformers characters are Ironhide and Kup. The two cantankerous, bashed up old warriors. Both have similarities in their characters and both have had some pretty naff toys over the years although Kup can claim to be coming out ahead in that respect, if only by a tiny margin.

Ironhide finally got the figure he deserved last year with his Masterpiece release. Although I would love to see Kup get a masterpiece toy, I’m excited for what we’ve gotten this year. I’m happy to present Titans Return Deluxe-class Sergeant Kup.

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Making the Most Of Your Transformers Display

Adult collector conundrum 1: I love the things that I collect, I’ve got limited space to display them as it is and know I’ll want to get more in the future.

Adult collector conundrum 2: If I cram loads into my display case I can proudly display my collection, but none of them really stand out because there are so many in there.

These are the thoughts I had when I looked at my Transformers display recently. In particular my G1 toys bothered me, because they are in general smaller than the Masterpiece toys, they leave a lot of wasted space above them when they are in a display case…

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Transformers Toy Review: Titans Returns Broadside with Blunderbuss

The Generation 1 triple changes have been some of my favorite characters: Astrotrain who changed from a realistic NASA space shuttle to an old fashioned train was a cool contradiction of technologies. Octane was a fun anti-hero who, although he was a Decepticon, played the part of hero due to being hunted down by Galvatron. Springer was basically Han Solo, and thus was cool through his use of quips said with a smirk. And so on, and so on…

But then we have Broadside.

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Transformers, Roll Out! How Hasbro’s Robots took over the World

People of different ages from all over the world fell in love with the Transformers as early as September 17 1984, when the first episode of the 30-minute American animated TV series was launched. It did not take long before Transformers: The Movie was seen in cinemas in 1986 but grown-up fans wanted more, and filmmakers were listening.

A little over two decades later, the live action film titled Transformers debuted in 2007, followed by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and the soon to be shown Transformers: The Last Knight. But it’s not just on television or in the movies that our favourite Transformer characters can be seen; they are practically everywhere. Read on for some of our favourites…

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