Ranked from Worst to Best: All Modern TRANSFORMERS Movies

Hello and welcome to a new series here at Auto Assembly! There’s a lot of material out there in terms TRANSFORMERS: films, a plethora of TV shows across different decades, toys, the lot. So, in this series, we’ll show you a body of work, ranked from worst to best, with the most objective lens possible. In the case of the modern TRANSFORMERS movies, we’ll use IMDb, as it has both critics and audience scores. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Down at the bottom of the barrel is the last of the Bayverse films. It was universally panned by both critics and audiences alike. If you can mess up Anthony Hopkins, you know you’re in too deep. Mark Whalberg’s character was even more confusing than his character in THE HAPPENING. The action was OK, but sometimes it was difficult to even make out what was going on. A mess overall.

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The first introduction of Mark Whalberg’s character as Shia LeBeouf’s exited the franchise, as well as the first appearance of the Dinobots (that are never called Dinobots) was a thorough disappointment. Sadly, it wouldn’t be the lowest point of the franchise, but rather, a sign of what was to come.

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Shia LeBeouf’s last film in the franchise was a pretty accurate forecast for what was to come: a heavy emphasis on appealing to the Asian market, a lot of muddled action, a plot full of holes, and… the horrors of college? Anyway, it was pretty bad, but better than any of the Wharlberg vehicles.

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This one I actually enjoyed, so I’m not surprised it broke above a 6 on the rating scale. I love space exploration so that might have something to do with it. There was a lot left on the table and it paled in comparison to the OG film, but I still enjoyed it.

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2. BUMBLEBEE (6.7)

I know, it surprised me, too. But the best-rated TRANSFORMERS film isn’t 2018’s BUMBLEBEE. That said, it remains a fan-favorite, even above the 2007 OG film for some, and I count myself among those people. It definitely appealed more to fans of G1 than fans who came on board with the Bayverse, so I can see why it divided opinions a bit.

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Indeed! The first entry into the Bayverse is the highest-rated modern TRANSFORMERS movie. Who’d have thought? But to be honest, it’s a lot more coherent than what was to come, and it was the entry point for a lot of younger fans. So, I can understand the score, even if I personally prefer 2018’s BUMBLEBEE.


What is your personal rating for each movie? Be sure to share it with us down in the comments!




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