The Cybertronian Times – Advertising and Sponsorship

Since its release back in 1998, we have always taken advertising in The Cybertronian Times. When it was released as a standalone paper fanzine, sales of advertising space helped us keep the cost of the fanzine down for our readers. Once it became the official fanzine of the Auto Assembly convention, this advertising revenue helped offset printing costs and allowed us to spread the convention budget a bit further.

Even though the convention ended several years ago and The Cybertronian Times is an all-digital release, we are still looking for advertisers and sponsors but your support will help us in a very different way. Funds raised through advertising and sponsorship will be reinvested directly back into the magazine. While we don’t have any printing overheads to worry about, we are hoping to bring in some special guests to work on The Cybertronian Times in the future.

But this will cost money. Anything we generate will go towards a central pot to hire professional talent to bring you some great new content for the fanzine. We’re in talks with writers and artists and already have some great stuff in the pipeline once funds are there. We also want to run prize giveaways which will be dependent on funding or sponsors to make them happen.


We can offer advertising in the fanzine at various rates to suit all budgets, starting at just £15!

Half Page: £15 (can be portrait or landscape)
Full Page: £25
Inside Front Cover: £35
Back Page: £45

All adverts are to be supplied in JPG or PNG format. Spaces are limited in each issue depending on the overall page count.


We can offer several sponsorship deals, ranging from banner advertising on the Auto Assembly website, combination banner/CT advertising or competition sponsorship. For the latter we would be looking for companies interested in sponsoring creative competitions in The Cybertronian Times, either on a one-off or ongoing basis. Ideally we would be looking for companies willing to supply prizes for writing, comic, art or similar competitions and we would be happy to discuss options for advertising/promotional packages in return.

Please get in touch using the Contact Page to discuss these further.

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