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As you know, we’re uploading Auto Assembly footage to our YouTube channel from our archives. We have an incredible amount that we have recorded right since the convention began and we hope that you’re all enjoying what we have released so far. What is online right now is only just scratching the surface as to what we have available and we want to bring as much to you as we can over the coming weeks, months and years…

We know many of you may have questions about what we are uploading or may have in store so we’ve produced this handy FAQ which should cover everything you want to know.


Updated: 8th January 2020


What years do you have footage from?

To the best of our knowledge, we have something from most, if not every event from 2000 right up to our last convention in 2015.

Will you release any random highlight videos with mixed footage from specific years?

We’ll have to see what the demand is for these as they take a lot longer to edit and produce than other videos.

How do you decide what content to release?

Our YouTube channel covers a wide range of content and not just Auto Assembly – vlogs, video games, retro gaming, game trailers etc. What we produce is based on a combination of production time from our end and popularity amongst our viewers.

Length of footage isn’t an issue for us as we recently upgraded our internet connection to fibre broadband and can now upload long videos quite quickly.


Will we be seeing the talks with your guests of honour?

Yes. We’ll be uploading these in full. The only edits we will make will be to remove dead time at the beginning and end during introductions and if we had to film a panel in two halves we will remove questions that have been cut off in mid flow so it doesn’t spoil the video.

You’ve uploaded a group panel already from 2009. Will we see more like this?

Yes. We’ve got a lot filmed over the years covering a range of themed subjects.

Will we get to see the Cosplay Competitions on the channel?

We may be able to release selected footage but this will depend on several factors. First is obviously the quality of what of what we have but more importantly whether any children took part.

If they did then they would need to be edited out from the competition for legal reasons, either completely or masked out if they can not be removed from group shots.


You’ve run quizzes over the years. Will we see any of those?

We released one of the very first quizzes on the old Auto Assembly YouTube channel so this will the the first to come back online. But yes, others will follow as well.

Will you upload any of the live episode fan dubs?

Unfortunately not. We can’t release these online due to copyright reasons.

Do you have any “behind the scenes” footage from the convention that you are going to release?

We have recorded material over the years as we have set up the convention but we’d have to see if there is any demand or what is suitable for release.


Will we see the concert from Next Of Kin in 2009?

Sadly not. While we do have part of it recorded, the audio is too loud and distorted to release. We have tried to clean it up but we weren’t able to do anything with it.

Do you have any of the karaoke performances from Auto Assembly 2010?

We do have recordings of Scott McNeil, Simon Williams and a few attendees. Unfortunately as with the Next Of Kin footage, the sound from these is causing us problems and isn’t good enough for us to release. We think we have alternative footage from one song that was recorded differently that we may be able to salvage for release but we’ll need to look into this further.

However if anyone has any good quality footage they would like to share then we would love to add it to our archives.

I loved the acoustic concert from Garry Chalk in 2010. Can we see a release of this in the future?

Yes, it’s on the way and is in our plans to edit and release in the very near future.

Would music rights affect Opening Ceremonies being uploaded to YouTube?

Unfortunately yes. We don’t know to what extent but several things could happen if we uploaded them. First the videos could have the audio muted, making them pointless to upload. Secondly a copyright strike could be issued against us putting the channel at risk. The final one is that the videos would be deleted.


I’ve recorded material over the years as I’ve attended. Would you be interested in using that on the channel?

Absolutely! Send us an email to and we can talk more and get your videos featured.

I’ve already posted videos from the convention to my own YouTube channel. Would you still be interested in using these?

Yes. We’re sure that our subscribers would love to see anything that is new to them!

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Check out the latest uploads from Auto Assembly on our YouTube channel below:

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