Transformers Studio Series 86 Scourge Toy Review

This figure is fantastic, I love the attention to detail and how they’ve managed to get both the robot and alt modes to look so good, with a great attention to detail!

Let’s break down the various aspects of this figure:

Robot Mode:

Is this as perfect as you can get to a representation of Scourge from the ’86 movie? Probably. Practically flawless from the head-sculpt including robotic facial hair, to his pink talons that adorn the end of his fingers! Very good articulation and poseability. Looks fantastic alongside Kingdom Cyclonus!

Alt Mode:

Just perfect. To this day, I’m still not sure what Scourge’s alt-mode is supposed to be; flying hovercraft? Space boat? I’m not sure. What I am sure of, is it looks like it’s jumped right off the screen into my hands. Love the bold Decepticon logo on the front of him, and the shape and colors are fantastic.


As with all of the Studio Series ’86 figures, Scourge’s transformation is intelligent and fun to do. Transforming him from robot to alt-mode was straight forward, but I do feel that some parts of his cape/wings feel a little thin and I’m concerned over stress in this area if it’s not handled with care. Transforming him from alt-mode back to robot mode highlighted this, as the front part of him tabs together really well, and when reversing the transformation, I was concerned about potentially breaking something as I untabbed the front section and folded out the wings. Take care and time over this, I found it useful to watch a YouTube video so I could make sure I was hinging things at the right places to avoid stress on those thinner bits of plastic.

Gimmicks and Extras:

The scene from The Transformers The Movie where Unicron transforms Megatron and his fallen warriors to Galvatron, Scourge, and Cyclonus (and his armada) is iconic, and the backdrop that comes with Scourge represents this scene perfectly. Scourge comes with his gun, which can be held in robot mode and stored in alt mode, along with a blast effect. The blast effect can be applied to his gun, the top of his head blaster in alt mode, or even to replicate an engine exhaust while flying.


This figure is everything you’d want him to be visually. I wish some of the plastic felt a bit thicker and stronger in some areas, but for most people, who will be using him to display, this won’t be an issue. Highly recommended.

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