Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep15 – “Dinobot Island, Part 2”

“Perhaps Megatron has finally made the one error, which will make me Decepticon leader!”

After a quick recap of Part 1, we open on Dinobot Island, Megatron gloating over his victory over the Dinobots, who have sunk into the tar pit. As he sets about getting on with draining the island of its rich energy, Starscream warns him about how this could very well upset the chronological balance of the Island itself. Megatron ignores Starscream’s pleas and sending him to collect more energy. As the Decepticons continue to fill their energon cubes, the islands volcanoes and fissures show violent reactions to the energy drain. Starscream ponders if Megatron has made a mistake which will allow him to capitalise and take on leadership of the Decepticons.

 “Transform and start your engines!”

Back at Autobot base, Sparkplug and the Autobots are completing the repairs of their base, when they are alerted to strange energy disturbances created by the time-warp that was encountered at the end of Part 1. Optimus Prime puts a team together to explore and also check on the safety of Spike and Bumblebee, who were in the area of the disturbance.

Arriving in the city, the Autobots are greeted by a traffic jam, but quickly uncover Bumblebee and Spike. They then find the time warp, with more barbarians and wooly mammoths coming through it!

Using strength, smarts, skills, and Optimus Prime’s trailer, the Autobots round up the ancient creatures and send them back through the time warp just before it closes!

The Autobots head back to base to try to determine what caused the time warp to appear. Just as they are investigating, they discover that another two have opened! One over the ocean, causing ancient pirates to appear, and another on a highway, where cowboys from the old west engage a group of bikers! Seaspray, Tracks, and Cliffjumper manage to send the pirates back to their time, while Prowl, Jazz, Red Alert and inferno chase the cowboys back home through their time warp.

Chip soon ascertains that the time disturbances are traced back to Dinobot Island, so Optimus Prime orders a team of Autobots to strap on their jet packs and fly to Dinobot Island to repair the time flow.

“We have violated this island with cataclysmic results”

Back at Dinobot Island Starscream is begging Megatron to cease his draining of the Island’s energy before it explodes, while the Dinobots manage to free themselves from the tar pit and clean themselves off using their flame and laser breaths. Seeing the disruption the Decepticons are causing to the island, the Dinobots decide that they must try to stop them.

The Autobots land on the Island and quickly find the energy stockpile that the Decepticons have created from the Islands reserves. Optimus surmises that if they continue, the whole galaxy could crumble, so the Autobots engage the Decepticons in battle.

“You wrong, and you ugly too!”

Just as it seems as though the the Decpticons are getting the upper hand, Grimlock surveys the battle and decides they need more help. He inspires the Dinosaurs of the island to Join him and his Dinobots in turning the Decepticons away. The Dinosaurs stomp, bite and trample the Decepticons into submission. Just as Megatron tries to escape, he’s confronted and blasted by Grimlock, who delivers perhaps one of the best lines ever spoken in a Transformers episode!

Knowing the battle is lost, Megatron orders his warriors to flee. The island now free of them, the Autobots and Dinobots destroy the energon cubes, which returns the stolen energy back to the island, restoring the time-balance.

Optimus Prime praises the Dinobots for controlling their powers and welcomes them back to HQ as the Autobots return home.

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

The Scenes where the Autobots return the lost barbarians, pirates, and cowboys back to their own times are fantastic. We get to see a range of Autobot skills and talents. I love Prowl’s authority as he confronts the situation with the cowboys. We see a brief, but fantastic tank on tank scene between Blitzwing and Warpath on Dinobot Island, and the line that Grimlock delivers to Megatron never fails to disappoint! I also feel that many of the transformations from robot to vehicle modes throughout this episode are particularly well animated.

The Verdict:

A fantastic conclusion to the Dinobot Island two-part story. 10 energon cubes out of 10.


While this two-parter is very much themed around the Dinobots, lots of other characters get plenty of screen time and are involved in lots of the action. This is a superbly written and paced chapter in the Transformers story that I just can’t fault in any way. If you haven’t seen it yet, I hope you enjoy it when you do!

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