Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep32 – “Kremzeek!”


I’ve been both looking forward to, and simultaneously dreading writing this one! If you’ve seen this episode before, you probably know what I mean!

Megatron creates Kremzeek, his ultimate weapon against the Autobots. Kremzeek is some kind of energy based creature able to penetrate computers and cause chaos. Spoiler alert – he’s really annoying!

Megatron drops Kremzeek into Autobot headquarters, where he instantly starts causing problems from the Autobots. Able to travel inside their bodies and scramble their circuits, as well as travelling easily between metal walls, he quickly causes bedlam. Fortunately Sparkplug just happens to have an insulating compound on hand that he sprays Optimus with so that Kremzeek can’t penetrate his circuits.

After repeated attempts to get into Optimus fail, Kremzeek retreats. Sparkplug only has enough insulation for Bumblebee, Blaster and Inferno, so they, along with Optimus are tasked with stopping the menace that is Kremzeek.

“Shut it down!”

Kremzeek quickly gets into Teletraan-1, and uses his transmission beam to travel through him to Japan! The Autobots quickest route to Japan is via Omega Supreme.

Arriving in Japan, Kremzeek is not able to penetrate the Autobots to disrupt their circuits, but he is able to get into the unprotected Omega Supreme, before causing chaos with a train.

“That guy’s starting to get on my nerves”

I know how you feel Inferno.

While the Autobots continue to chase Kremzeek and the out-of-control train, Megatron uses the opportunity to deploy his sea-scraper with energy magnet, which he uses to drain anergy from machines and store it in his underwater batteries.

The Autobots chase Kremzeek trough a train station, via a games arcade and to a manufacturing corporation, where they encounter Chief Engineer Yoshikowa of the Manufacturing Corporation. Dr Yoshikowa suggests that radio waves might affect Kremzeek. A failed attempt by Blaster to trap Kremzeek with radio waves, makes him stronger and allows him to multiply.

The autobots use the energy from a power station to entice all of the Kremzeek’s together to the same place, this back fires when they feed off the energy and form a super-kremzeek!

“Blaster! You finally came up with a plan!”

The Autobots start to lose energy, which switches them on to Megatron’s plan. Discovering the energy magnet, they use an antenna to send Kremzeek directly to Megatron’s Sea-scraper, so that he and the Decepticons have to deal with Kremzeek! Destruction of the Sea-scraper quickly ensues.

While energy can’t be destroyed, it can be dispersed, which Dr Yoshikowa helps the Autobots do, before helping them reactivate Omega Supreme. Just as they lament what they’ve done, a Kremzeek bursts out of Blaster and the chaos continues!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

The best scene in this episode is seeing Optimus Prime in his alt-mode with his troops hanging on as he rapidly chases the out of control train. The Autobots battle with the morality of having to stop Kremzeek, which actually hits home as he’s not a vicious machine, but instead an over-excitable being that doesn’t really know how much chaos he causes.

The Verdict:

This seems like a very out of character episode for me compared to the standard we normally get from Transformers; 3 energon cubes out of 10.


This episode is nuts! The first time I watched it, I remember thinking it was simply awful. Hence my opening sentence in this review! It’s funny how you can see something through a different lens when watching something for a second time though.

While it still seems a little bit crazy compared to what we normally see from Transformers, there are a couple of aspects of this episode that I can get on board with a little more having viewed it for a second time:

  • It makes sense that something crazy and hard to stop would form a great distraction for the Autobots, which would allow Megatron the time and space to collect energy.
  • The Autobots have a moral decision to make when it comes to stopping Kremzeek. Shedding light on the fact that they sometimes have difficult decisions to make when trying to do the right thing.

I’m honestly not sure what the underlying idea of this episode was – is it to give a little comic relief, or explore a crazy concept, or a serious attempt to create an adversary which was really hard to stop? Maybe all of these things play a factor in the creation of this episode.

I can say that before writing this review, I initially envisaged myself scoring it 1 energon cube out of 10. But having watched it again, I saw some redeeming qualities which enabled me to give it a couple of more points. Will my impression of this continue to build if I were to watch it more? I don’t know. I wouldn’t recommend this episode as the first episode you show to someone who’s never seen Transformers before, but I can equally imagine that this episode could be a bit of a “Marmite” episode, with some people loving it, and others not so much!

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