Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep16 – “The Master Builder”

“No Decepticon Jet’s got the zip to zap me!”

While Grapple shows Hoist a demonstration of his Solar Tower model, Powerglide is in a dog fight with Starscream and Skywarp. While the Decepticons get the upper hand on Powerglide, Hoist helps Grapple demonstrate his latest doohickie to Optimus Prime. Grapple explains how much energy his solar tower will be able to create, but Optimus Prime declines to allow him to build it, citing that Grapple hasn’t considered how he’d protect it from the Decepticons.

Meanwhile, Teletraan-1 sends and alert to let the Autobots know that Powerglide has been shut down by the Decepticons. Hoist and Grapple set off to rescue him.

After resuscitating Powerglide, Grapple tries to convince Hoist to help him build his tower without Prime’s permission. They quickly become aware that the Constructicons have been listening to their conversation. The Constructicons trap them so they can’t escape, and try to convince them that they don’t want to fight. They claim to have left Megatron due to feeling taken for granted, and want to help Grapple build his tower.

Hoist doubts the Constructicons’ sincerity, so to prove themselves, they free Hoist and Grapple and fly away without harming them.

“We’re still working for you, and the glory of the Decepticons”

Back at Decepticon HQ the Constructicons explain to Megatron that they deceived Hoist and Grapple, and intend to turn the energy from the Solar Power over to him to destroy the Autobots. Megatron gives the Constructicons enough energon to build the tower, so they can use it as further proof of their sincerity. This convinces Grapple to team up with them.

“You’re building my greatest creation….”

At Autobot base, Spike and the Autobots discuss that Grapple and Hoist haven’t been around very much lately, so Prime sends Powerglide out to look for them and see what’s going on. Powerglide finds Grapple and Hoist working with the Constructicons on the tower, and sends images to Prime. Prime declares a disaster code 2, and sends a strike force to intercept.

Just as the tower is completed, Megatron arrives on scene to take control of it, and Grapple and Hoist are taken prisoner!

Arriving at the tower and seeing that their comrades are nowhere to be seen, the Autobots launch an attack to stop the Decepticons’ production of energy from the tower. The Constructions form Devastator though and he quickly slows down the attack.

Using Smokescreen as a diversion, Optimus Prime lures Devastator’s attack closer to the tower, where he ultimately destroys it by crashing into it. Realising that the tower is lost, Megatron orders his troops to retreat.

The Autoboots dig through the rubble to find an embarrassed Hoist and Grapple. They are forgiven by Optimus Prime, but ordered to clean up the rubble from the lost tower!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

The battle scene at the tower where the Autobots confront the Decepticons is very good. A lot of action is packed into a short amount of time. A great aerial fight between Powerglide and Ramjet, flying around Devastator is a particularly good part of this scene. There are multiple scenes of the Autobots (Optimus Prime in particular) learning to play basketball in this episode, which are quite amusing! Hoist and Grapple are obviously key characters in this episode, and Grapple’s personality and passion for building is allowed to be exposed.

The Verdict:

A well put together episode that showcases some characters which often don’t get as much screen time as others. 7.5 energon cubes out of 10.


This could perhaps be an underrated episode. The mixture of amusing scenes of Autobots learning an Earth sport, the Constructicons attempts to deceive Grapple and Hoist, and excellent battle scenes are blended really well.

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