Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep14 – “Dinobot Island, Part 1”

“Looks kinda like that Dinobot Swoop”

Bumblebee and Powerglide are exploring some strange energy waves that have been picked up by the Autobots. Bumblebee is flying courtesy of his jet-pack, and Powerglide is making use of his alt-mode. They quickly encounter the waves, as well as a prehistoric Pteranodon flying above an island; where there isn’t supposed to be one!

The Pteranodon gets aggressive with Bumblebee, sending him tumbling towards the island. Powerglide fends off the Pteranodon and joins Bumblebee on the island to help him repair his jet-pack. As they ponder why they encountered a Pteranodon, they soon discover that the island is inhabited by dinosaurs!

 “We have enough headaches with Dinobots, the last thing we need is dinosaurs!”

Back at base, Bumblebee is filling the rest of the Autobots in on what they encountered at the island. Wheeljack uses the opportunity to show off the work he’s been doing helping the Dinobots master their skills. However, it doesn’t take long before their size and clumsiness causes chaos and destruction inside the base! The Autobots regain control of the Dinobots, but Optimus Prime agrees that it might be worthwhile exploring the island Bumblebee and Powerglide found as a more suitable training ground for the Dinobots.

Outside the base, Ravage and Soundwave are spying on the Autobots sending the Dinobots off. Powerglide, Spike in tow, leads the Dinobots off to their new training ground. Listening in via Soundwave, Megatron orders Laserbeak to follow the Dinobots and learn more about the Island.

“I think I’ll call it Dinobot Island”

Powerglide and the Dinobots land on the newly named Dinobot Island and explore their new stomping grounds, while Laserbeak takes images of the energy rich surroundings! Naturally Spike manages to get himself in trouble, first carried away by a giant Pterosaur, and then snatched by a Plesiosaur! Fortunately, Swoop, and Sludge are on hand to rescue him.

Spike and Powerglide leave the Dinobots on the island to commence their training. At Decepticon HQ Megatron views the footage that Laserbeak has taken of the Island. Seeing its rich energy sources, he orders his warriors to the Island to plunder it-despite misgivings from Starscream about the strange energy waves nearby.

“Swoop-do flying stuff!”

Back at Dinobot Island, Grimlock puts his Dino troops through a series of drills, including target practice and working on each of their individual skills. As they are working on their abilities, the Decepticons arrive and start stealing the islands energy-sucking it up into energon cubes. While practicing his flying techniques, Swoop spots the Decepticons and reports back to Grimlock. The Dinobots, set off to intervene on the Decepticon activity and chase them away from the island.

On the mainland, Spike and Bumblebee are getting books about Dinosaurs from the library, when they encounter a time-warp, which opens to reveal barbarians and mammoths from earth’s past! Spike and Bumblebee seek shelter, but are trapped under rubble as a mammoth shakes a building down with its immense tusks.

Back at Dinobot island, the Dinobots engage Megatron, but he herds up the large dinosaur inhabitants and sends them stampeding towards the Dinobots. The dinosaur herd overwhelm the Dinobots, forcing them into a tar-pit where they sink underneath the tar!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

The whole episode is filled with great scenes, from the discovery of Dinobot Island, to the Dinobots showing off their individual talents as they rescue Spike and practice their skills on the island. Spike’s reaction to Dinobot island; finding a real-life lost world, captures the joy and excitement any of us would feel if we were to be presented with giant prehistoric creatures!

The Verdict:

A great episode, with a nice pace to it. Transforming robots and Dinosaurs are two things the pretty much every kid (big and small alike!) loves, and this episode is filled with both so it’s hard not to love it! I score this episode 10 energon cubes out of 10!


This episode is just really fun! Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. It’s great that the Dinobots personalities are showcased here as well as plenty of other Autobots and Decepticons getting decent screen-time. As I watch the episode, I feel aware of what a great job the writers have done of showing us the joy and excitement of finding Dinosaurs through Spike’s eyes.

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