Episode Review: Transformers S02, Ep13 – “The Insecticon Syndrome”

“Gigantic robot Insects that eat trees… you’ve gotta be kidding!”

Beachcomber, Hound and Bumblebee are led by a ranger to investigate some chewed up trees. They quickly determine that it’s the Insecticons who have been munching them. Before long, the Insecticons are back at it, so The Autobots head over to investigate, not knowing that Megatron and his warriors are also looking for the Insecticons.

It doesn’t take long before a battle breaks out between the Insecticons and Autobots. It looks as though the Insecticons have bested the Autobots, but thankfully it’s only one of Hound’s holograms that has made it look that way. Meanwhile, Megatron makes an offer to the Insecticons. He promises them a feast at the Nova Power Plant if they will help him seize the defence computer at Iron Mountain.

“Roll Out”

When Optimus Prime learns of Megatron’s plan, he has no choice but to take his Autobots to the power plant to intervene. While they’re on their way, the Decepticons and Insecticons commence their attack. The Autobots arrive and help the humans defend the power plant. While the battle rages, the Insecticons set about feasting on the power available at the plant. The immense power makes the Insecticons grow, both in size and strength, which they use to overpower Soundwave and make him their slave! The Autobots are unable to overcome the combined might of the Insecticons and Decepticons, so have to flee.

At Autobot HQ, Spike uses Teletraan-1 to analyse the battle. He finds that the Nova power that the Insecticons have consumed is incompatible with them, which will result in the Insecticons blowing up if no antidote is found!

“Ratchet, Wheeljack, we’re gonna need that antidote fast!”

On their way to attack Iron Mountain, the Insecticons learn through their “spy” Soundwave that Megatron plans to double cross them once they’ve helped him attain his goal. They commence their attack on Iron Mountain, and the defence systems initially seem to be keeping them at bay. Meanwhile, the Autobots head to Iron Mountain too, as Ratchet and Wheeljack work on an antidote for the incompatibility of the Nova power with the Insecticons.

The Insecticons turn the Iron Mountain weapon systems against its human inhabitants, just as they start to feel symptoms of their power incompatibility. The Autobots arrive on scene and face an immediate offensive from the Insecticons. Soundwave seizes the information from the defence computer that Megatron came for and Megatron orders his Decepticons to turn on the Insecticons. However, he soon finds that bombshell has planted cerebro-shells into his warriors, which leave them under his control! Nevertheless, Megatron tries to do the work himself, only to be tackled by Optimus Prime. As the Insecticon controlled Decepticons launch an assault on Prime and Megatron, Optimus explains to Megatron that he had to strop him from detonating the Nova power inside the Insecticons.

“Anything to destroy those revolting, robotic roaches!”

Ratchet and Wheeljack arrive with the antidote, and Megatron agrees to help deliver it! Prime and Megatron work together to deliver the antidote via Megatron’s gun mode. They’re able to use the antidote on Bombshell and Kickback, but Shrapnel eludes them and does indeed explode! Bombshell is able to help his comrade pull himself together in time for the Insecticons to make a hasty retreat, pursued by the Decepticons, who were freed of their cerebro-shells when the antidote for the Nova power was given to Bombshell.

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

Obviously, this is a very Insecticon heavy episode! But the writers also do a good job of getting some screen-time for characters we haven’t seen much of such as Beachcomber and Inferno. It’s great to see Megatron’s power as he eludes one of Bombshell’s cerbro-shells and takes on his own warriors and the Insecticons by himself! As always, it all comes back to Prime and Megatron. Not only battling wach other, but having to work together to pacify a mutual threat.

The Verdict:

Not a bad episode, but not an outstanding one either. However, it’s good to see some more Autobots getting some screen-time. I score this episode 5.5 energon cubes out of 10.


While entertaining, this is just not a standout story compared to some of the other outstanding Transformers episodes. Again, this speaks to the quality of this show overall. This is a good, entertaining cartoon-but some of the other episodes are just so much better than I couldn’t give this one a particularly high score. I don’t want that to put you off though. If you haven’t seen it, it’s still worth a watch. I’ll certainly watch it again, and who knows, it could convince you to buy some Insecticons!

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