Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep06 – “The Immobilizer”

“Bumblebee, run into town and grab a new polarizer will ya?”

Wheeljack is showing his new invention to some of the other Autobots-“The Wheeljack Instant Imobilizer”. Hound creates a Hologram of Laserbeak so that Wheeljack can demonstrate his invention, but it looks so authentic that when Ironhide enters the room, he thinks it real and opens fire! Ironhides blasts cause calamity, covers Wheeljack in rocks, and damages his Imobilizer. Wheeljack asks Bumblebee to get a replacement polarizer for him.

“I saw you come into town with that cute Autobot, could you introduce me to him?”

While in town with Spike, Bumblebee tries his hand at arcade gaming and draws a crowd as he shows off his proficiency! A young human called Carly comes by and asks a blushing Spike to introduce her to Bumblebee. Spike does so, but perhaps irritated that Carly is more interested than Bumblebee than him, he reminds Bumblebee that they should have been back with Wheeljack’s polarizer some time ago. They speed off and Carly jumps into her car to follow them.

A police officer stops Bumblebee and Spike, thinking that Spike is too young to be driving a car. Bumblebee transforms and tries to explain the situation, but Ravage, who has been lurking nearby, jumps out and attacks him! Ravage plants something on Bumblebee and Spike helps Bumblebee fend him off.

“Ok It’s demonstration time again!”

Upon receiving the part he needs, Wheeljack repairs his Imoblizer and shows it off to his mates. The device that Ravage planted on to Bumblebee is a spy camera. The Decepticons use it to watch as Wheeljack explains how the imobilzer will stop the Decepticons in their tracks and deactivate them. The Decepticons plan to use the Imobilizer against the Autobots. Optimus Prime decides that they need safer conditions to test the Imobilizer, so they head out to a quiet space, where Ironhide keeps watch for Decepticon activity.

Wheeljack tests the Imoblizer, and it manages to stop a waterfall, and make the water solid. Spike then clumsily manages to affect the orientation of the Imobizer and it ends up freezing Wheeljack! As he is the only one who knows how to reverse it effects, the Autobots don’t know how they will restore him.

“I just wanted to watch, I think you Autobots are totally incredible!”

Meanwhile, on watch duty, Ironhide believes he sees a Decepticon spy. He intervenes, and discovers that the “spy” is Carly! Ironhide being distracted by Carly allows the window the Decepticons needed to sneak by him and ambush the Autobots. Despite the Autobots initial efforts the Decepticons manage to take the Imobilizer from them. Just as Megatron is gloating, the immobilized river he’s standing on returns to its liquid state and carries them away! Seeing the water return to its original state gives the Autobot hope that Wheeljack too, so they head back to headquarters.

“I’m too old to be useful any more.”

At HQ Ironhide takes responsibility for the Decepticon attack, and he decides to retire from service so he can’t put anyone else at risk. Meanwhile Carly tries to convince Ironhide that it was actually her fault that she was distracted. She doesn’t change his mind, but he agrees to show her around. As Ironhide is showing Carly around, she steals something from the Autobots munitions room.

Thankfully the Imobilizer’s effects wear off on Wheeljack. Spike realises that Carly has disappeared, and he and Bumblebee set off to find her, fearing that she may do something hasty to make up for causing the danger she put the Autobots in.

“Human intruder outside headquarters.”

It appears as though Spike was right. Carly, now kitted out in scuba gear has taken it upon herself to head to the Decepticons underwater base to make up for her mistake. She plants the weapon she took from the Autobots munitions store on the hull of Decepticon base, and Soundwave dispatches Laserbeak to catch her. As Laserbeak grabs Carly, the Autobots Sky Spy camera picks it up. Sparkplug and Ironhide are the only ones left at base to see this on the viewscreen as the rest of the Autobots have already set off to try to recover the Imobilizer. Sparkplug persuades the reluctant Ironhide to help rescue Carly. Ironhide rendezvouses with Bumblebee and Spike and they set off to save her.

Meanwhile, the weapon that Carly has planted on Depticon HQ explodes, sending a rush of seawater into the base and the Decepticons scrambling. The Decepticons are able to contain the flow of water to one area, but it happens to be the area that Carly is in. Just as all seems lost for her, Ironhide swoops in through the hole in the hull and rescues her. Hearing Carly and Bumblebee sing Ironhide’s praises seems to restore his faith in himself, but just as they are about to roll off, the Decepticons use the Imoblizer on him. Megatron informs Bumblebee that they have been able to make the Imobilizer’s effects permanent, and just as they are about to use it to wreak havoc on the rest of the planet, Prime and the rest of the Autobots show up and take fire! Prime’s powerful blast incapacitates Megatron, so Starscream initially leads the attack. The Imobilizer is too strong a weapon though and freezes several Autobots in quick succession. Carly boards Brawn who tunnels under the Imobilizer, while Jazz distracts the Decepticons with his sound and lights. Carly switches the wires on the Imobilizer so that when the Decepticons use it again, it unfreezes the Autobots. As Ironhide is unfrozen, he’s able to join the fight and makes an immediate impact. Regaining the Imobilizer and unfreezing the rest of his comrades. Megatron realises he’s lost the fight and withdraws.

“I think you’re already on active duty Ironhide.”

Realising his value, Ironhide asks to re-join active service. Carly explains how she knew how to reverse the effects of the Imobilizer, and it must have impressed Spike, as with Bumblebee’s prompting, he asks her out on a date!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

Ironhide and Wheeljack are important characters in this episode and we see the introduction of a new human ally in Carly. While she comes across as a bit of a trouble-maker initially, she shows strength, bravery, and intelligence in multiple scenes. While Laserbeak does catch her, her attempts to fend him off are commendable.

The Verdict:

Another strong episode, I love a story of redemption! 8 energon cubes out of 10.


I’m impressed at how much was squeezed into this episode without it feeling like anything was rushed. Perhaps another underrated episode.

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