Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep05 – “Traitor”

“… Decepticon supremacy!”

At the Experimental Energy Research Laboratory, Scientists are working on Electrocells which will produce energy, but are still unstable. As the scientists are celebrating their achievement, the Decepticons crash the party and steal the cells. The Scientists warm Megatron that if one of the cells explodes it could devastate the Earth. As the Scientists flee, Starscream uses Megatron’s alt mode to ensure nobody will be using the laboratory to make any more energy cells.

At Autobot Headquarters, Cliffjumper arrives back from patrol and tells Prime he’s found the location of the missing electrocells, and claims they are in the same area that Mirage had already patrolled yesterday. Cliffjumper’s tone of voice suggests he believes Mirage has not done his job properly, and Prime tries to diffuse the bad feeling. The Autobots roll out to find the cells.

“Where is the courage your leadership demands Megatron?”

Megatron has devised a device to provide a failsafe monitor for the electrocells. He is unwilling to use the powercells to charge the Decepticons’ energon cubes before he knows it works. Starscream challenges him, and tests one of the cells. It appears to be working perfectly, but then explodes! Megatron, enraged by Starscream’s insolence is preparing to blast him as the Autobots arrive on scene. Laserbeak spots them and informs Soundwave, which sounds the alarm. This provides enough of a distraction for Starscream to avoid being blasted, as Megatron becomes more concerned with dealing with the Autobots. He requests that the Insecticons are brought in to help.

As the Autobots charge towards the Decepticons, the ever suspectful Cliffjumper fires another verbal shot at Mirage, encouraging him to remember what team he’s on! Prime again tries to diffuse the situation by bringing focus to the task at hand. The Autobots charge and a fight breaks out. Cliffjumper eludes starscream, while Mirage grapples with Skywarp. The Insecticons join the battle, and blast mirage, who rips a piece off Skywarp as he tumbles away-Skywarp’s Decepticon insignia.

Prime confronts Megatron, who quickly gains the upper hand thanks to a blast from kickback that hits Prime in the chest. As the fighting continues, an errant Insecticon blast catches the power electrocells! The cells are about to explode, but as Megatron wants to protect them he smothers them to prevent them from blowing. Optimus Prime decides that combat so close to the electrocells is too dangerous, so withdraws his troops.

“I already told you, they weren’t there!”

Back at base, Ratchet is repairing Mirage. Cliffjumper flashes his anger at Mirage again, suggesting that the Autobots would have already secured the cells if Mirage had reported their location yesterday. Prime intervenes again and tells Cliffjumper that until he can back up his remarks, he trusts Mirage. He sends Cliffjumper off to maintain surveillance of the electrocells and to report back if the Decepticons try to move them.

Ratchet tells Mirage to get some rest, but he sneaks off with Skywarp’s Decepticon insignia in hand. Mirage arrives at a Decepticon base, where the Insecticons are lamenting that Megatron has only rewarded them with two energon cubes for their efforts. Mirage uses his invisibility power to sneak by the Insecticons and take the energon cubes. As he does, he drops the Decepticon insignia he was carrying.

“Perfect, my plan is working already”

Mirage then arrives at the location of the electrocells, where Cliffjumper is watching the Decepticons. He suspects Mirage is behaving treacherously and is about to shoot him for it, but then is distracted by the Insecticons flying in overhead. The Insecticons think that the Decepticons have stolen their energon cubes. Mirage conceals himself from view, hiding himself from both the Decepticons and Cliffjumper. Cliffjumper is found by Starscream, but he manages to transform and put his pedal to the metal in time to escape. Just as Megatron is investigating what the commotion is, he and Starscream see Mirage, and they open fire on him. Their blasts come closer to hitting the Insecticons than Mirage, and then a fight breaks out between them. The Decepticons take to the air and engage the Insecticons in battle. While Mirage is trying to escape, he’s caught by a blast of shrapnel. The Insecticons find him incapacitated and Bombshell implants a cerebroshell into his brain. Now under Insecticon control, they turn Mirage against the Decepticons, and his aim is very accurate!

“I can tell you all about Mirage, he’s at the storage area helping the Decepticons!”

Cliffjumper arrives at Autobot HQ just as Prime and Ratchet are trying to work out where Mirage has gotten to. Cliffjumper quickly explains his story about Mirage helping the Decepticons by delivering energon cubes to them. Prime is unwilling to throw Mirage under the bus and declares their first priority is to get the electrocells, then they’ll ask Mirage his side of the story.

“A new toy Bombshell?”

The fight is still raging on between the Insecticons and Decepticons, Megatron confronts Bombshell and they quickly work out that they have been deceived by Mirage. After a cease fire is called, Megatron plans to use Mirage against the Autobots.

As Prime, Ratchet, and Cliffjumper arrive at the storage area, they find it abandoned. Mirage, still under Bombshell’s control arrives and tells Prime that he got rid of the Decepticons and Insecticons. Prime asks Mirage about Cliffjumper’s accusations, and Mirage responds by explaining the trick he pulled on the Decepticons. As they all go to collect the electrocells, they are ambushed by the Decepticons, who rain a barrage of laser blasts down on them. As the Autobots take cover, Cliffjumper takes the opportunity to pay Mirage back for being a traitor. Despite his small size, he’s strong enough to overpower Mirage and knock him unconscious. Ratchet tends to Mirage and finds the cerebroshell. The Autobots realise he wasn’t a traitor after all and Ratchet tends to his injuries.

“I’m gonna make a run for the electrocells”

Ratchet and co cover Prime as he makes his run to get the cells. Naturally he ends up in t aone on one confrontation with Megatron. Realising he’s outnumbered as the other Autobots join Prime, Megatron decides that rather than lose the electrocells he’d rather destroy them and unleashes a tirade of blast from his fusion cannon creating an explosive chain reaction. Everyone flees and the Autobots roll for home while Megatron laments the loss of the electrocells.

“At least the chain reaction did not harm the earth”

At Autobot base, Prime apologises to the scientists about the loss of the electrocells, but they are more relieved that they didn’t cause serious damage. Cliffjumper makes peace with Mirage, and the end credits roll!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

Mirage and Cliffjumper get a lot of screentime, and it’s great to see both of them showing how capable they are in battle. Mirage, using his invisibility power to good effect and showing off his good aim, and Cliffjumper showing how fast and strong he is for his size.

The Verdict:

A good episode, which shares the spotlight on some lesser used characters so far in the series, and shows Megatron’s continued lust for power. Cliff Jumper’s bad attitude towards Mirage can get a bit grating at times, especially as he’s so blunt with it from the beginning of the episode when Prime is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I score this episode 7 energon cubes out of 10.


This is not a standout episode, but there’s still a lot of good things about it and it’s entertaining. Another demonstration of the quality of this fine series.

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