Transformers Studio Series 86 Jazz Toy Review

Wow. Just Wow. This figure blew me away. This might seem like a strong reaction, but I didn’t have huge expectations for this guy. As soon as I had him in-hand-even in the box, I knew my expectations were about to be blown out of the water.

It started when I looked through the window in the box. Jazz has never been one of my favorite characters – not one I disliked, just not one I particularly loved either. However, when looking at him in the box, it was so screen accurate it felt like I had jumped into the movie with him.

Let’s break down the various aspects of this figure:

Robot Mode:

Unbelievably screen accurate. If they ever do a Masterpiece Jazz, I won’t feel the need to add him to my collection now that I have this guy.

Alt Mode:

Better than I was expecting. The things that let it down visually are the pegs which hold the front wheels on and the hole in his roof that his gun can slot into. If the pegs on the front wheels were the same as the fixings on the back wheels he’d be near perfect. I think most adult collectors could do without the gun hole on the roof, but it does provide useful weapon storage and it has to be accepted that it’s probably going to serve as a fun play feature for younger fans.


Intelligently done, and good fun. The rear window feels a little delicate, I recommend caution when transforming that part. Take your time, and make sure it’s not going to catch on the doors, which fold down rather than out. While it feels a little stiff initially, it does move nicely with gentle pressure.

Gimmicks and Extras:

The Moon-Base Two backdrop that the figure comes with is stunning and beautiful and really enhances that movie-accurate feel. His gun is fine, well molded and nicely detailed.


I said this about Studio Series 86 Hot Rod, and it’s also true of this figure: there’s something intangible that you can’t describe. When you’ve got him in hand, he just screams “awesome” at you. I thoroughly enjoyed opening and transforming this figure and he looks great on display. Highly, highly recommended.

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