This Transformers: Human Alliance arcade theater is INSANE!

Do you enjoy Transformers video games? So do we! And while we do get the occasional masterpiece on consumer-level platforms, today I thought it’d be nice to check out some of the premium commercial products that are available out there. Don’t get me wrong: you can totally buy this yourself if you’ve got enough cash! But this Transformers: Human Alliance arcade theater isn’t cheap. 

How “not cheap” is it? Well, it’s really hard to tell because you have to get in touch with SEGA (who started out as Service Games, an arcade company, in case you didn’t know) for a quote. Let’s just say you’ll need some online pokies for real money in order to afford this little beauty. But since we can’t get specific on the prices, let’s check out the specs:

Sega’s latest action adventure game, TRANSFORMERS Human Alliance, partners players with one of three of the movie’s stars, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or Sideswipe. Players must battle their way across America, Africa and Europe destroying the Decepticons before they find the All Spark, a material capable of bringing any mechanical or electronic object to life.

To date, the three TRANSFORMERS movies have taken in over $2.6 billion! TRANSFORMERS is a brand that’s universally recognised for delivering high quality, high-energy entertainment, and Sega are proud to be bringing it to amusement arcades!

  • 2 players

  • Bumblebee themed cabinet

  • 55″ LED Theatre

  • 5 cities to defend

Want to see this baby in action? check out the trailer. It’s an absolutely insane shoot-em-up thing that will definitely be the envy of your friends on D&D nights:

While this arcade machine came out in 2013, I don’t think it has aged badly at all: it’s got a 55-inch LED screen, and it looks like a pretty immersive experience. Like I said, like most money-making machines out there, you’ll probably want to head over to and see if you can gather up some coin in order to buy it, but what a talking piece, eh?

Another cool thing about it is that this is not a reproduction or a small consumer-grade thing: this is the real, money-making deal. I’ve always been interested in seeing machines like this, because it brings into perspective the fact that companies rely on these franchises to make a fair bit of money for a long time. It’s also interesting to see that they’ve made the gameplay to work in such a way that it wouldn’t interfere with the future of the cinematic universe: 6 years later, and SEGA still has these up for you to buy (if you have the cash).

I don’t currently own any formerly-commercial machines, but I want to eventually get a T2: Judgement Day machine-gun arcade and a The King of Fighters ’97 machine, as those were the ones I played the most growing up. It’ll have to wait for now, though. The bank won’t take kindly to me getting behind on mortgage payments because I bought some childhood memories. In the meantime, here’s a few juicy pictures of this crazy Transformers: Human Alliance arcade theater:

So, what do you think? Can SEGA and Hasbro tempt you out of your 5-digit hard-earned cash in order to secure this behemoth? Do you currently own arcade machines? Let us know! Drop a comment below, and a picture, too, and if we like it, we might even feature you and your collection on the site!

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