Episode Review: Beast Wars S01 Ep06 “Power Surge”

Beast Wars

Following on from the previous episode of Beast Wars that I looked at last time, I continue my retrospective look at the first all-CGI Transformers show. This time it’s the sixth episode from season one, Power Surge. As with the episode before it, it takes a look at the notion of a change in leadership but from a different perspective…

I have to admit that even after the first five episodes I had already warmed to Beast Wars. The story, characters, and even the CGI animation had drew me in more than even the best bingo sign up offers could. It was a series that had managed to capture the attention of someone who – at the time – wasn’t a Transformers fan and it slowly started to convert me. But could the momentum be maintained going into episode six?


While on a routine surveillance flight, Terrorsaur discovers a strange mountain that is floating high above the ground. On closer inspection he discovers that it is heavily laced with energon.  When attempting to obtain a sample to take back to Megatron for analysis, he is struck by a blast of energy. The blast sends him hurtling into two large energon crystals. The collision triggers a surge of energy from the crystals that flows through Terrorsaur’s body, infusing him with power the likes of which he has never known before…

Enjoying his new found strength, he returns to the Predacon base where his thirst for power kicks in. Terrorsaur promptly attempts to seize power and after a brief struggle, manages to oust Megatron from his position as leader of the Predacons. Some of the Predacons doubt their new leader, and recover the remains of Megatron. Their intention – to restore him to full functionality… and reclaim his former glory.

Realising the newfound power these crystals can provide, the Maximals known that they can’t fall into the hands of the Predacons. Once again, the Maximals and Predacons engage in battle in an attempt to gain the upper hand in the Beast Wars. Meanwhile, back at the Predacon base, Megatron is making moves on Terrorsaur as he strives to regain control…

Thoughts On “Power Surge”

Power Surge offered an interesting twist from the previous episode. It showed us a leadership change storyline but this time from a more aggressive angle – just the way you would expect from the Predacons. Previously we saw the Maximals deal with an absent leader peacefully amongst themselves. In contrast, this episode served to highlight the paranoid self-serving nature of the Predacons. It’s clear that they are only together collectively for a common goal and not through respect or friendship for each other.

This is one of those stories that serves to highlight the well-known axiom regarding power corrupting and absolute power corrupting absolutely. While his very nature as a Predacon lead to his deep rooted desire for leadership (and no doubt this wouldn’t have happened with a Maximal), the second the opportunity arose, Terrorsaur seized it and the chance to become the dominant Predacon at any cost.

On it’s own this is a great episode, but watched in tandem with Chain Of Command beforehand and they make for a superb combination.

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