Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep26 – “The God Gambit”

“Behold the Sky God…”

Space, a planet far away. Offerings are brought to a statue of a Sky God. A rogue group of natives led by a female named Talaria expose the Sky God as a fake which the planet’s leaders are using to drive up taxes and enforce harsh laws.

Meanwhile, Cosmos is flying through space being pursued by Astrotrain, who is after the energy data that Cosmos is carrying. Cosmos takes a big blast from Astrotrain and crash lands on the aforementioned planet. Just as the planet’s natives are in debate about the validity of their Sky Gods and the rules they enforce, they see Cosmos crash nearby, sparking further confusion; is this being a Sky God? Astrotrain, along with his passengers Starscream and Thrust, land and observe. Seeing an opportunity, they fly onto the scene and claim to be the Sky Gods. They deactivate Cosmos and his ability to communicate as well as using him as a sky god idol to worship in the temple.

Talaria sneaks into the temple and reactivates Cosmos’s radio. Optimus Prime quickly gets in touch and instructs her on how to send their coordinates to him.

“Talk excessive, time limited”

Omega Supreme is given Cosmos’s coordinates and explains that travel to the distant planet will use almost all of his energy rendering him unable to transform. Jazz and Perceptor board him so they can find him energy when they arrive.

Back with Astrotrain and co. They find crystals which are a rich energy source. Useful, as Astrotrain himself is low on energy. Astrotrain has the natives mine the crystals, and as expected it’s quickly learned that they are unstable. After Omega crash lands on the edge of a cliff, Jazz and preceptor head off to find Cosmos. They find Talaria and she leads them to Cosmos. As they try to rescue him, Thrust and Starscream discover them and launch an attack.

As the Autobots seem to be winning, Astrotrain arrives and order the natives to attack the Autobots with the Crystals. Jazz ad Perceptor escape, but Astrotrain captures Talaria, and realising she helped the Autobots, vows to sacrifice her.

“Highly unstable crystalised energy”.

Jazz and Perceptor find the crystal mine. They also come across the natives who have been mining the crystals and explain to them that the Transformers are not Gods. Perceptor takes some crystals to refuel Omega Supreme as Jazz heads off to rescue Talaria. Jazz succeeds in his rescue attempt, and a fully refuelled Omega, now able to transform arrives to battle the Decepticons with Perceptor. Astrotrain quickly realises that Omega is too big for the three of them to fight, so he blasts the crystal mine and retreats with his comrades on board. As the crystals explode, the Autobots rescue the natives and get them clear of the blast.

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

The cast of this episode is quite limited and focuses mostly on the individuals already mentioned. Omega supreme using his tracks and being able to transport his whole body as the Autobots rescue the planets inhabitants from the crystal blast no doubt got many an 80’s child asking their parents for his toy!

The Verdict:

Not a bad episode. Great to see Astrotrain in particular get plenty of screen time. 7 Energon cubes out of 10.


Were the writers trying to make some kind of statement about religion with this episode, or was it merely just part of a story? Difficult to tell.

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