Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep25 – “The Golden Lagoon”

“Looks like he needs a flying lesson!”

Seaspray, Warpath , Perceptor, Beachcomber and Powerglide are attacked by Blitzwing, Ramjet and Thrust. While the battle rages, Beachcomber wanders through a cave and finds a natural paradise full of tranquil wildlife and a lagoon filled with golden fluid which he declares “electrum”.

The battle rages on, and as Beachcomber re-joins the fight, Thrust finds the electrum and coats himself in it. When he gets back to the battlefield, the Autobots soon discover that the electrum has made Thrust impervious to their attacks. Warpath, Powerglide and Beachcomber manage to escape, but Thrust takes Perceptor and Seaspray prisoner.

Back at Decepticon HQ, The captured Autobots are put under lock and key while Thrust informs Megatron about the Golden Lagoon.

“The Autobots are finished!”

The Decepticons gleefully coat themselves in the electrum. While their laser blasts bounce off each other as they test their imperviousness, they wreak destruction on the natural paradise around them as the animals cover in fear.

Meanwhile, the Autobots plan a rescue mission to get their comrades back. Smokescreen and Mirage join Powerglide, Beachcomber and Warpath. However, before they’re able to put their plan in to action, they’re intercepted by the electrum coated Decepticons. Sensing the battle won’t go their way, Mirage heads back to request reinforcements.

The Decepticons however, are no more scared of the reinforcements as they were of the first wave. They quickly overpower the Autobots, whose blasts bounce straight off them.

“Megatron must be informed of this”

At Decepticon HQ, Starscream is feeling jovial, and he orders a fight between Perceptor and Seaspray to amuse his comrades. Soundwave is not happy that this is taking place without Megatron’s knowledge, so leaves to inform him.

Back on dry land, Smokescreen recruits Omega Supreme to help turn the tide against the Decepticons, and Beachcomber visits the Golden Lagoon only to be captured by the Decepticons who are topping up their electrum coverings. He is taken to Decepticon HQ to join Perceptor and Seaspray by Megatron, who scolds Starscream for his antics before ordering an attack on Omega Supreme.

“Results, disappointing”

The battle between Omega and the Decepticons doesn’t last long, and the Decepticons move on to attack Autobot base. The Autobots analyse the battle and learn that it’s the electrum that has given the Decepticons the upper hand. Beachcomber, Perceptor and Seaspray manage to escape just as the Decepticons fly off to launch their attack. Unbeknownst to Megatron and his crew, Optimus Prime and is troops have made their way to the Golden Lagoon and coated themselves in Electrum.

A battle breaks out at the lagoon and as it rages, the natural beauty around the lagoon takes on heavy battle damage. The Decepticons electrum starts to fade, and the newly electrum coated Autobots are able to take advantage of this and fend them off.

Before a hasty retreat, Megatron orders his Decepticons destroy the lagoon so nobody can have the electrum. As the Autobots celebrate their victory, Beachcomber mourns the destruction of the natural beauty which has taken place as a consequence of their battle.

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

Beachcomber, Warpath, Smokescreen, Omega Supreme, and Blitzwing get more screentime than usual in this episode. With Optimus Prime not appearing until later on. There are no standout scenes, but the message and intent of the episode concerning abuse of natural resources and consequential impact on the natural world is very clear.

The Verdict:

This is a good episode and it’s good to see the writers exploring some moral issues surrounding the environment. 9 energon cubes out of 10.


It’s a shame there aren’t more Transformers episodes that deal with bigger issues in the real world. This episode, and the deeper meanings concerning the environment are just as relevant today.

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