Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep22 – “Desertion of The Dinobots, Part 2”

“That was my car, not an Autobot! Decepticreep!”

Having already been bested by the Dinobots upon their arrival to Cybertron, Shockwave is determined not to let his newest intruders-Spike and Carly escape! As they arrive, Spike and Carly are greeted by Shockwave vaporising Carly’s car! Despite a heated chase, they manage to escape by climbing inside what seems to be the master computer.

Spike is able to communicate with his father at Autobot base via his thumb communicator. Sparkplug advises Spike that they are in the computer that controls much of what is still functioning on Cybertron. Carly attempts to gain control of the computer, but there’s an accident which cuts the power, and Carly sustains an injury to her ankle. Sparkplug is able to guide Spike and Carly on where to go via Teletraan-1 and they escape the computer and go on their hunt for the Dinobots and the Cybertonium.

Megatron orders Shockwave to stop Spike and Carly, and Shockwave dispatches the Sentinel to chase after them. They manage to outwit the sentinel robot and Sparkplug advises them to head to Wheeljack’s lab. Upon gaining access to the lab, they are soon found by Dinobot Swoop! They initially think that Swoop is another aggressor, but when he reveals himself, he tells them that the rest of the Dinobots have been captured and sent to work in the Cybertonium pits.

“The more I see of this planet, the more I like it”

Carly, Spike, and Swoop head off to find the Cybertronium pits and save the Dinobots. They take a Cybertronium transit system to get there, but part of the track is damaged, so they have to get out and walk the rest of the way.

“Metal of good old days not so good!”

The Journey to the pits is not a straightforward as they would have hoped. They are regularly challenged with defence systems designed to stop them in their tracks, one of which slices through swoops wing. With a little work, and luck, they manage to evade them long enough to find their way to a library of sorts.

In the Library they watch image discs which tell the tale of the history of Cybertron. Just as they finish learning about the origins of the war, Shockwaves robots catch up with them and disable swoop. They take them to the pits, where they are put to work mining the Cybertonium with the other Dinobots.

Spike and Carly learn that the Dinobots have had their transformation circuits disabled and memories bypassed so that they think they work for the Decepticons. Luckily Carly is a bit of a whizz and manages to get them back to normal.

“Me Grimlock guess helping others OK”

Spike comes up with a plan to escape, the Dinobots stage a tantrum over working with the humans, and as Shockwave’s robots open the gates to intervene, the Dinobots seize their chance and escape with Spike and Carly.


Just as Shockwave is about to send a shipment of Cybertonium to Earth, the Dinobots and humans manage to get on board. Teletraan-1 and Sparkplug have programmed the Space Bridge to open near Autobot HQ. This means that the Autobots are able to get the Cybertonium they need to resume normal functioning, Spike and Carly, along with the Dinobots have saved the day!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

So many great scenes in this episode! The best among them are those that delve into Cyberton’s history, and the landscape of Cybertron. This adds to the backstory of the Robots In Disguise and it’s these elements that really make The Transformers more than just a show about good and evil robots!

The Verdict:

Flawless episode, 10 energon cubes out of 10!


This episode really completes the two-part story really well. I’ve watched this many times and it never gets less entertaining or interesting. If you haven’t seen the Desertion of the Dinobots part 1 and two yet, I highly recommend you check them out!

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