Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep21 – “Desertion of The Dinobots, Part 1”

“Going someplace Rat Cat?”

Optimus Prime is overseeing a test flight, supported his Autobot troops. The test is soon disrupted by Ravage and Soundwave, then followed by Starscream, who destroys the Ultraplane fighter.

Megatron uses the distraction to try to steal the blueprints to the fighter, but the Autobots soon catch up to them. The predictable fight breaks out and the Autobots are able to get the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee takes Spike and Carly to the airport to pick up Sparkplug, where they notice Decepticon jets in disguise. Bumblebee radios for backup, and the Dinobots are sent to support.

The Dinobots quickly rip into the Decepticons. But, as they take a moment to gloat about their victory, Megatron seizes the opportunity to blast them, sending them caroming across the runway in an explosion.

Red Alert, Hoist, and Inferno arrive on scene to return their fallen comrades to base for repair, while Grapple, Ironhide, and Powerglide set about repairing the damage to the airport. However, Grapple has an accident that indicates he’s not working with the precision he’d expect to. At the same time, the Decepticons start to experience malfunctions.

“Me Grimlock no take orders, never”

Wheeljack and Ratchet finish the repairs to the Dinobots, but upon regaining consciousness, they refuse Optimus Prime’s order to intercept the Decepticons, who are stealing energy in an attempt to counteract their malfunctions. The Dinobots rebel and decide to go their own way, leaving the Autobots.

The rest of the Autobots intercept the Decepticons, but the whole battle goes awry for both sides, as they all experience malfunctions which stop any of them gaining the advantage.

Both sides retreat, and Perceptor and Teletraan-1 analyse the situation. They come to the conclusion that the Transformers malfunctions are due to the deterioration of an element vital for their functions, called Cybertonium, which is only present on Cybertron!

It turns out that the Decepticons have come to the same conclusion, and Shockwave is sending Cybertonium to them via the Space Bridge. Spike and Carly rationalise that the Dinobots should be functioning normally since they were built on Earth, and so not dependent on Cybertonium. They catch up with the Dinobots and manage to convince them to intercept the Cybertonium shipment.

“Me Grimlock, me leader, me say us do it!”

On arrival at the Space Bridge, the Dinobots manage to overpower the Constructicons, prevent them from fully forming Devastator, and take the Space Bridge on a reverse course to Cybertron! At Autobot HQ, Sparkplug, Spike and Carly learn that the Dinobots are on Cybertron, so Spike and Carly head over to the Space Bridge in her car, and manage to take it to Cybertron themselves. Spike has been fitted with a thumb communicator to stay in touch with base. The only problem they have is that Shockwave has learnt that they are on their way………

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

Soundwave and Ravage managing to sneak into Ironhide’s vehicle mode to distract the Autobots at the test flight is another nod to the “robots in disguise” theme of the show! It’s fantastic to see the Dinobots flex their mechanical muscle when battling the Decepticons, the battle at the airport is a fantastic scene.

The Verdict:

A very good episode. We get to learn a little bit about the cyber-biology of the transformers, and how being on Earth, away from their home planet for so long has affected them. I score this 9.5 energon cubes out of 10.


I’d love to give this episode a 10 out of 10, but I knocked off half a cube because there was no explanation of how Soundwave and Ravage could get on board an Autobot’s vehicle mode undetected. Although they were “in disguise” surely the Autobots should be able to recognise their alt modes by now! Nevertheless, this is a very memorable and enjoyable episode.

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