Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep07 – “The Autobot Run”

“Ready to Roll Home Guys?”

Chip and Spike, thrilled at watching a formula one race, wonder if the Autobots would be keen to participate in a race for charity. They decide to take the idea to Optimus Prime. Laserbeak observes the conversation and takes this information to Megatron, who is testing out the Constructicons’ new invention: the Transfixatron. A quick test on Starscream confirms that the new invention works. It fixes a Transformer in whatever mode they are currently in, and he intends on using it on the Autobots, while the Constructicons work on a second device.

“Let’s give them a show they’ll never forget”

The Autobots decide that they’ll compete in a car race for charity and are hailed as “celebrity” guests! Huffer, Brawn, Ratchet and Wheeljack stay back to guard the base, while Spike, Chip, and Bumblebee watch the race from the sidelines. The race gets underway and the Autobots compete amongst themselves to show off their speed and ability, determined to put on a show for the crowd.

Skywarp teleports to the race and uses the Transfixatron on the racing Autobots who are unaware what has been done to them. The Autobots finish the race and proceed to put some stunts on display for the crowd. As the crowd are enjoying the show, the Decepticons arrive on scene, and as the Autobots attempt to intervene, they realise they can no longer transform to robot mode!

“We can’t transform, but we’re not helpless…”

The Decepticons proceed to blast away at the Autobots, who only have their wheels to defend themselves. Soundwave disables their communicators, but fortunately, Bumblebee-who wasn’t transfixed speeds back home with Spike and Chip to get help.

Teletraan-1 analyses the racing Autobots’ condition and Wheeljack ascertains that they have been transfixed and sets about creating a device to reverse the process. Meanwhile, Megatron has apprehended the transfixed Autobots and taken them to the Constructicons’ second creation: a car crushing device!

While Megatron is showing off the brutality of his new device, Hound intelligently uses the opportunity to send a hologram of their location to the Autobots back at base!

Megatron decides to load Ironhide into his creation first, but Wheeljack and co speed to save their friends with a grenade they have developed to counteract the Transfixatron’s effects. Prime uses Roller to Distract the Decepticons long enough to ram the crusher and release Ironhide from its grip as their friends from base arrive to save them!

“I’m transforming, I see my true beauty emerging!”

Despite the Decepticons’ attempts to stop them, the team from base manage to deploy their grenade and reverse the effects of the Transfixatron, much to Sunstreaker’s delight! Unfortunately for the Autobots, they don’t have long to celebrate being able to transform again, as the Constructicons combine to form Devastator!

As the battle looks grim, Wheeljack and Cliffjumper turn the Transfixitron against Devastator and use it to reverse the Constructicons’ link.

Finding themselves outnumbered, the Decepticons concede defeat and retreat, leaving the Autobots to destroy the Transfixatron.

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

It’s Wheeljack’s invention that saves the day, and Chip who ultimately delivers it to reverse the effects of the Transfixatron. No one character really stands out in this episode, but many bots get to show off their talents, and in the case of Sunstreaker, vanity!

The Verdict:

An entertaining episode, where we get to see the many talents of the characters as well as multiple demonstrations of bravery by the transfixed Autobots, and their human friends. I score this episode 7 energon cubes out of 10.


This is not a standout transformers episode, but it is fun, light-hearted at times, and does a good job of showing the character traits that make many of the bots memorable. Perhaps better than I’d previously given it credit for.

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