Episode Review: Transformers S01 Ep12 – “The Ultimate Doom Part Two – The Search”

“Cross me again Starscream and I’ll reduce you to titanium fragments”

After recapping the events of part one, part two opens showing the Autobots expressing their regret over what has happened. Tidal waves and earthquakes are threatening the planet, and Sparkplug is trying to convince Spike to join the Decepticons. Spike takes matters into his own hands, turning one of the energy pylons against Megatron. He is unsuccessful however and a battle breaks out. The atmospheric changes that are occurring work against the Decepticons efforts to attack the Autobots though. Megatron instructs Soundwave to create audio-disruptor waves, which force the Autobots to have to clear the area. A side effect of these waves is that they also counteract the effects of Dr Arkevilles hypno-chips.

As the Autobots retreat, Starscream challenges Megatron for letting their enemies escape. Unsurprisingly, Megatron reacts unfavourably to this and explains to Starscream that he has had his only warning.

“Spare me your pomposity and report!”

Aboard the Decepticon base, Dr Arkeville is preparing more hypno-chip controlled slaves, and Megatron vows to provide the Dr with more “raw material.” The scene shifts to an example of this provision, as Laserbeak is shown attacking and kidnapping more humans to be converted into slaves.

Meanwhile, an emergency bulletin comes in from Cybertron, explaining that energy levels are critical. Megatron seems unconcerned, telling Soundwave to inform Shockwave that he will soon have enough energy for eternity.

“Just a few astroseconds more and I’ll be fine!”

As the Autobots are heading home, the extreme weather is making it difficult for them to see their way. Bumblebee experiences a blow out of one of his tyres and Spike has to assist him. Just as Bumblebee’s tyre has been replaced, an earthquake occurs, splitting apart the ground beneath him! As Bumblebee is hanging on to the side of the ravine that has opened up, Laserbeak arrives and grabs Spike! Bumblebee falls over the edge, but Bluestreak and Hound rescue Spike and send Laserbeak packing.

Hound, Bluestreak and Windcharger then mount a rescue attempt and grab Bumblebee out of the ravine just as Windcharger’s tractor beam is running out of energy.

“The first shipment of energon cubes to Cyberton is ready”

At Decepticon HQ, Skywarp is loaded with energon cubes, with Sparkplug on board. Megatron informs Dr Arkeville that his computer that controls the slaves has been duplicated on Cybertron, and indicates that he doesn’t expect there to be much left of the Earth for Arkeville to control when he’s finished with it.

Skywarp sets off for Cybertron, and at the Ark the Autobots make plans to help fight back against the atmospheric changes that are ravaging the planet. The Autobots decide to send the Dinobots to stop the catastrophes as they can take the punishment.

It soon becomes apparent that even the Decepticons are not immune to the environmental difficulties as their base is rocked, destroying energon cubes, sending them sprawling, and finding themselves in the midst of a flood!

“We can’t deal with human beings as we do Decepticons”

Spike is lamenting the loss of his dad, and wondering why humans are working for the Decepticons. As he’s discussing this with an empathetic Optimus Prime, the Volcano that the Ark is crashed into becomes active, forcing the Autobots to evacuate. Responding to Optimus’s declaration, that “somebody’s gotta turn off that volcano”, Ironhide heads inside it and bravely stops the eruption. Following this, we see the Dinobots working seamlessly as a team to stop a tidal wave.

“Optimus Prime, let me take Skyfire”

Learning that Sparkplug has been taken to Cybertron, Spike convinces Optimus Prime to let him go there aboard Skyfire to retrieve his father. Spike reasons that it they can rescue Sparkplug, they may be able to learn what hold the Decepticons have over their human slaves. Prime agrees and Wheeljack, Ironhide, Brawn, Trailbreaker, and Bumblebee all volunteer to join him. Upon arriving on Cybertron, Spike quickly sets off a booby trap which takes him underground, joined by Bublebee and Brawn. As they try to find their way out, they stumble into Decepticon headquarters and the hypno chip control computer. As they’re reporting this to the rest of their team, Sparkplug discovers them and sounds the alarm to alert the Decepticons!

As before, the episode concludes with a preview of what is to come next in part three!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

This episode seems to mainly serve the purpose of showing the ramifications that have occurred as the result of bringing Cybertron so close to Earth. It’s interesting to note that the Decepticons are not immune to the chaos which they’ve caused and do not have an easy time as they also have to work against the environmental changes. Something is clearly brewing between Megatron and Starscream as well as indications that Megatron is not being completely honest with Dr Arkeville. When the Autobots decide to send the Dinobots to help stop the disasters that are occurring, there’s quite an amusing exchange as the Dinobots have to be convinced to do it!

The Verdict:

A good bridge between parts one and three. Again, not a personal favourite, but there’s nothing I could find fault with-10 energon cubes out of 10.


The scene that stands out for me in this episode is Optimus Prime discussing with Spike the loss of Sparkplug and the confusion of why humans are working for the Decepticons. Brilliantly voice acted by Peter Cullen, Optimus Prime’s voice changes from one of bold authority to soft compassion. When we consider the differences between the two leaders, Megatron is straight forward: self-serving, relentless on his goal of evil domination. Optimus Prime however is more multi-layered. He has to tow the lines between brave warrior and protector, loyal friend, advisor and confidant. It’s not surprising that Optimus Prime would become such a much loved and enduring character when he embodies all of these inspiring traits.

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