Episode Review: Transformers S01 Ep13 – “The Ultimate Doom Part Three – Revival”

“I don’t suppose I could interest any of you in a magazine subscription?”

After recapping the events of part two, part three beings by opening on Cybertron, Sparkplug has sounded the alarm to alert the Decepticons that Spike and the Autobots are present. As they begin their plan to escape before the Decepticons show up, Shockwave quickly arrives on scene, with Soundwave and two Seekers. A fight quickly breaks out, but Brawn shows that he’s more than up to the task. Just as it looks as though the Decepticons are starting to turn the tide of the battle, Skyfire, Trailbraker and company show up and hold the Decepticons off, allowing them all to escape in vehicle mode.

As the Autobots are escaping, they are followed first by some seekers, and then by some land-based vehicles. Skyfire draws them off, so that the others can retreat to Wheeljack’s workshop. Bumblebee reveals he has taken a disc, which shows how the Decepticons mind control program works.

“Surf’s up, and I’m talkin’ up!”

One of the more “interesting” scenes of the series comes next, as Optimus Prime and a team of Autobots are seen using surfboards to travel to the Decepticons camp. A tidal wave appears and the Autobots decide to use it to give them the push they need to get to the Decepticons. As the scene shifts, we see the Decepticons creating a device to harness the power of the very same tidal wave that the Autobots are riding, to create energon cubes. After a disagreement between Megatron, Starscream and Arkeville, Megatron orders Arkeville to avoid contact with Starscream, which causes Arkeville to ponder if Starscream could become his ally.

As the tidal wave floods in, we see Megatron’s creation at work as it comes to life. The Autobots crash in on the wave too, but they are too late. Just as the Autobots gather themselves, the Decepticons take off and escape, presumably with the energon cubes that have been created from the tidal wave energy. The tidal wave has left all of Megatron’s human slaves in need of rescue however, so Prime and his team stay to save them. Arkeville too is in need of rescue, but Starscream appears out of the water, informing Arkeville that although Megatron might be through with him, he is not. He puts Arkeville in his cockpit, transforms and flies off.

On board the Decepticon ship that they escaped the scene in, we learn that Megatron had left Starscream behind to prepare for the next tidal wave, and that he plans to use the energon cubes to fully revitalise Cybertron.

“We’ve learned how the Decepticons are turning humans into mind slaves”

On Cybertron, Wheeljack is on the Radio to Prime, filling him in on their situation. He tells him that he’s working on a device to counteract the hypno-chips and they are going to test it when they attempt to rescue Sparkplug again. The scene shifts to Spike snooping around some corridors. He’s quickly found by Shockwave and the Seekers. Shockwave orders Sparkplug to destroy Spike and the Autobots show up and use Wheeljack’s device to counteract Sparkplug’s hypnochip. He regains his personality and the Autobots blast away at the Decepticons, so they can escape. Skyfire picks them all up and they head off back to Earth.

“…..I’m gonna blast that smile off his face-plate!”

On Earth, Prime and his team have found where Megatron and the Decepticons have landed their ship-in the process of loading more Energon cubes on board. Nearby, Starscream is trying (unsuccessfully) to drain energy from Arkeville’s brain to create his own stash of energon cubes. He is discovered by an angry Megatron, who prepares to terminate him for his mutiny. Megatron is distracted by Skywarp, which allows Starscream to escape with Arkeville. Skywarp informs Megatron that the slaves are “malfunctioning”-they are starting to carry the energon cubes out of the Decepticon ship instead of in to it!

The Autobots reveal themselves and attack the Decepticons. Just as it appears that the Autobots are outnumbered, Skyfire and the Autobots arriving back from Cybertron join the fight, using Wheeljack’s device to free the hyno slaves as they swoop in.

Optimus Prime then confronts Megatron, but he escapes in the Decepticon ship. His troops, seeing that he has fled the scene, take to the air to join him. Despite the Decepticons leaving the scene, the danger is not over. The presence of Cybertron orbiting Earth has created another dangerous tidal wave. The only way to stop it is to create a blast big enough to knock Cybertron out of Earth’s orbit. The Autobots commence firing on Megatron’s ship, hoping that the destruction of all the energon cubes on board will be enough of a blast to do the trick. Megatron’s ship explodes and indeed, Cybertron is pushed back out of Earth’s orbit and the tidal wave dissipates.

As the episode draws to a close, we see Spike and the Autobots debating if Megatron has been “finished”. As the scene shifts to the wreckage of his ship, floating through space, we see Megatron is damaged but alive and he vows to be avenged!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

What a conclusion to an epic story. Brawn is fantastic in this episode, he shows that he is a powerful Autobot and has a few amusing one liners which do raise a smile! Shockwave does his usual trick of spending only a small amount of time on screen, but using that time magnificently, making you feel like he’s one of the most imposing characters in the show. It’s also great to see some more Cybertronian Seekers in some of the battle scenes which take place on Cybertron.

The Verdict:

An excellent way to conclude the three-part story. It does not feel rushed, the animation is good, and the action flows well. 10 energon cubes out of 10.


It was enjoyable to see a lot of this episode take place on Cybertron. These scenes are always really well animated, and I find that they create a bit of a sci-fi vibe around The Transformers. Seeing Megatron survive a blast that was big enough to send Cybertron out of Earth’s orbit, demonstrates just what a powerful being he really is. Although the main story has been concluded, there are still things to wrap up, such as where Starscream has gone with Arkeville.

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