IDW Publishing betting on CONSTRUCTICONS for new GALAXIES spin-off

Have you been following the latest comic book series by IDW Publishing? If so, you’ve been part of a bit of a resurgence in popularity when it comes to Transformers comic books.  This year saw a new series being launched, and starting September, Transformers: Galaxies will expand on the lore, having CONSTRUCTICONS as the main characters. 

There was a time when you could not walk a step or two without tripping over a new piece of Transformers merch, a new comic book or a new episode. Then, things kind of fizzled out, and you’d have had more luck trying to find a casino online united kingdom, than new Transformers content. We’re now living in an a golden renaissance for the fandom, however: Bumblebee was very well accepted as a film, Netflix is developing a new series based on the War for Cybertron storyline, and now, IDW Publishing is launching a new spin-off series that’ll tell the origins of a lot of what we eventually saw later on in the official canon timeline.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Beginning in September, IDW Publishing proudly builds upon the success of 2019’s bold new era of Transformers comic books with its first spin-off series: Transformers: Galaxies! Featuring story arcs that delve deeper into the origins, motivations, and world-shattering machinations of the extended Transformers cast, Galaxies launches with a story arc dedicated to the fan-favorite crew, the Constructicons!

Written by Vox Media co-founder and lifelong Transformers devotee Tyler Bleszinski, with luscious artwork by longtime Transformers artist, Livio Ramondelli, Transformers: Galaxies #1 uncovers the hidden secrets of Cybertron’s vast beauty and extraordinary cityscapes. Long ago, after the War Against the Threefold Spark ended, the Constructicons emerged to help rebuild the decimated planet in grand fashion. But what happened to them in the years since? Why had they been erased from Cybertron’s history… and what have they been planning for their devastating return?

It’s fair to say that this new series is something that we anticipate with much excitement, and you can visit the best betting sites canada to put a buck on me getting a couple of variant covers for my collection. Oh, didn’t I tell you? There’s plenty of goodies coming our way:

To commemorate the debut of Transformers: Galaxies, IDW will offer multiple variant covers, including Cover A by Livio Ramondelli, Cover B by Nick Roche, and two Retailer Incentive covers by George Caltsoudas and Casey W. Coller, respectively.

Isn’t that great? Who would have thought that we’d live now in an era that will allows us to get CONSTRUCTICONS origin stories, as well as more lore for us to delve into? What a great time to be a Transformers fan this is.

Will you be getting the comic series? Are you looking forward to more spin-offs? What’s your favorite comic book run in the history of the franchise? Sound off in the comments below, and we might just pick one of your comments as the starter for one of our next pieces!


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