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With Auto Assembly 2015 just a couple of months away, I want to take this opportunity to talk about a subject that I rarely discuss either here on the website or through open channels but as the site is a starting point that is used for this, I felt that it was an issue that needed to be brought to the attention of our site visitors, especially in light of the conventions status and certainly the timescale in relation to this year’s event…

Every couple of days, here at Auto Assembly HQ we are almost guaranteed to receive emails or phone calls soliciting for our business. Whether it’s from a company that provides printing services, event management companies that are offering to manage our ticketing system or even from venues enquiring about us relocating, the calls invariably take up time out of our day responding with the same polite refusals.While we certainly believe that the majority of these may be genuine service providers, it does take up time that we simply can not afford to spend, especially in the current circumstances with our time being stretched to the limits as it is with our increasing personal pressures and limitations.

What we would ask is that companies please seriously consider not contacting us in future regarding any sales pitches for the convention. For the most part, Auto Assembly uses regular suppliers for its goods and services and has built up good working relationships with these over the years. With 2015 also being our last event, many of these purchasing plans have either been made or been budgeted for with our existing suppliers. What we would like to say at this stage is that there are goods and services that we will not consider under any circumstances and would ask that suppliers of these do not contact us as a refusal may offend:-

  • Event venues
  • Lanyard / name badge production
  • Ticket sales systems
  • T-shirt printing
  • Transport

It goes without saying that the above services are also not needed in future as well so please do not contact us offering any of these beyond August 2015. For other services, while we do have suppliers that we have used in the past, we are willing to consider proposals but this is on a time-limited basis. We would not only need an assurance of quality to ensure that this is not compromised, but also that your services are competitive price wise in comparison with our existing suppliers and that delivery could be achived in a timely manner. Specific services that we would consider would include:-

  • Postcard printing (A6, full colour, several designs, 1,000+ per card)
  • Poster printing (A2 size, 1,000+ copies)
  • Magazine printing (A5 booklets, 28+ pages, 2 types, 1,000+ copies each)
  • Table hire (6ft tressle tables, approximately 100 required)

If you are able to offer the above, please feel free to contact us by no later than 11th July 2015 and we can discuss quotes / request samples. Again, please understand that after 23rd August 2015, supply of these products will not be required.

Simon Plumbe
Auto Assembly

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