Auto Assembly 2014 Hotel Accommodation – Important Information

Following our recent update on the hotel accommodation situation in relation to Auto Assembly 2014 and the phenomenal success we are currently experiencing with ticket sales this year that is already sending us hurtling towards another record-breaking year, we’ve been reading a lot of your comments online over the last week or so to keep up-to-date with your thoughts about finding suitable places to stay over the convention weekend.

What we have noticed is that while some of you are now looking to find roommates if you have been allocated bedrooms in the Hilton that are greater than your current needs, there are some of you who are looking for more… creative ways of solving your accommodation problems. One thing that we need to stress right now for all of you is that while it may be extremely tempting for those of you unable to find a hotel room in the Hilton itself you must not stay in a friends room unless they have booked suitable accommodation allowing you to do so.

If anyone is found by the Hilton to be offering space in their hotel rooms to people who have not paid to stay in the Hilton – whether this means sleeping on the floor, chairs, airbeds or by any other means – the Hilton has every right to have those people removed from the hotel immediately.  Please remember that, in booking a room at the hotel, you are entering into a legally binding contract with them with regards to payment and occupancy of that room and should you be in breach of the contract they have the right to not only exercise their rights as set down in that contract, but potentially they may not be obliged to offer any form of refund for any nights accommodation that may have been pre-paid, they could charge you for any remaining nights of your stay and could ban you from booking accommodation there in the future.

Please bear all of this in mind over the weekend with regards to your hotel rooms and above all enjoy the convention!

The Auto Assembly Team

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