Transformers Tied-in Games to Play While We (Tediously) Wait for Bumblebee II

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Since 3 July 2007, we’ve consistently been given a new Transformers movie every couple or few years. In 2018, however, Paramount Pictures changed the slate and looked to reboot the series. We went from a line of five Transformers movies to the first non-Michael Bay pick, Bumblebee.

Seen by some as a soft reboot in the form of a prequel, it came out a little over one year after Transformers: The Last Knight and certainly pleased moviegoers. Despite it marking the first time that films in the Transformers universe had come out in consecutive years, there has since been a slowdown.

As of early 2020, there’s still very little to go on for the next film in the series. So, in the meantime, we’ll be exploring the potential of a Bumblebee sequel and if another movie in the Transformers line is on the horizon, we’ll also be exploring what to do in the meantime – specifically, what games to enjoy in the meantime.

“Freedom to tell almost any story”

As wonderfully exciting as the Transformers mainline series has been, especially seeing the famous characters from the toy line coming to life and battling in the real world, the first five movies followed very similar tropes. Bumblebee was a huge pivot and somewhat of a risk in a world where even a Star Wars spin-off can flop tremendously.

However, what has come from Bumblebee’s success as a character-driven tale is that producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura now understands that they have “the freedom to tell almost any story,” per a March 2019 interview with Collider. He continued by saying that their next movie will want to infuse the strong character development of Bumblebee with a bit more “Bayhem” – a portmanteau equating director Michael Bay’s affinity for action and explosions to ‘mayhem.’

In interviews since March, Di Bonaventura has stated that they haven’t been working on a script that follows on from The Last Knight, which almost certainly means that a Bumblebee sequel is the priority. This is further supported by the rumours leaked on 4Chan and reported by BoundingIntoComics which detail a Bumblebee sequel featuring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena once again, with Megatron being the main villain.

There hasn’t been an official announcement concerning the next film in the Transformers universe yet, so the earliest point at which we’d likely see one at the cinema is likely mid-2021. Luckily, until that time arrives for the multi-billion dollar movie franchise, there are a few games to enjoy which have a nice little link to the movies.

Get into some linked games while you wait

When the first of the science-action series came out in 2007, the landscapes selected for epic Transformer encounters were perfect. One of the most iconic, however, is when the Autobots must hurry to Mission City, which takes them through the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. To embrace and fully-explore the area, with a healthy dose of robotics and heavy weaponry thrown in, get into Fallout: New Vegas, which launched in 2010 to stellar reviews.

Revenge of the Fallen expanded on the biome-hopping nature of the first movie, taking the movie from North America to the Middle East and North Africa. The climax takes place in Egypt, which is incredibly exciting. And if it’s the theme of that particular film you’re keen to chase, there’s nothing like getting 100 free spins from LeoVegas as they’re for the Egyptian-themed pyramid-explorer game Book of Dead.

It wouldn’t be right to suggest these games without an official Transformers game being included, so we’ll turn to the last and quite possibly the best of the proper Transformers movie tie-in games, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The console game acted as an introduction to the movie of the same name and boasts very fun gameplay mechanics for Transformers fans, with the ability to go from vehicle to Autobot/Decepticon at the press of a button.

While we may be some way away from the next movie in the Transformers universe, there are plenty of games to enjoy that rekindle some of the great aspects of the early films in the franchise.

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