Three things I wish for in a BUMBLEBEE successor

Can you hear that? Shhh… pay attention. Close your eyes. Can you hear it now? Yes, indeed! I´m talking about the silence surrounding the next entry into the TRANSFORMERS film franchise. We´re still waiting for news on the BUMBLEBEE successor, but what do we actually want as fans? Here are some of my requests. 


I think that one of the main reasons BUMBLEBEE resonated with so many hardcore fans where previous entries did not, was the approach to the characters. Not caricatures, but characters. The very real depth that they had in the source material shone through. The Bayverse, however successful it may have been at the box office and casinos online usa, with TRANSFORMERS slots and a million other licensed things, never truly connected to the heart of the characters. Instead, it preferred to focus on big action and cramming in as many bots as possible on screen, and throw together some explosions for good measure. That´s not what makes TRANSFORMERS great. Less is sometimes more, and BUMBLEBEE was able to focus on character development in a way that had not been done before. Don´t get me wrong, I want a fuller roster for the next film… I just don´t want the character development to suffer because of it.


Another issue with the Bayverse was the cliches and stereotyping that went on. We´ve spoken about it before on here, but in case you´re not caught up on our content, the sad truth is that Michael Bay wasn´t really subtle when it came to stereotyping, over-sexualizing and injecting tropes. We loved the incredibly superior handling of these issues in BUMBLEBEE, where we didn´t see charicaturizations of race or gender stereotypes. I also really, really, really don´t need any bot, be it a Decepticon or an Autobot, to pee on John Turturro. The guy´s a legend.


Stay with me here: I know that using real locations can help ground a film and make it more relatable. But the truth is, I´d prefer it if films stayed away from real cities. I´ve really found the use of fictional places to be much more sensitive to my personal views on political correctness. I know that you can argue about whether political correctness is good or bad until the cows come home, or until you hit the jackpot at a casino (if you´re into that, by the way, visit here). But for my money (heh, get it?), I prefer to stay away from using real locations in films that depict enemies, mass destruction and events that will certainly cause casualties. Am I too much of a snowflake? Perhaps. But being honest, I´m a bit over the glorification of tragedies. I´m one season of NARCOS away from cancelling my Netflix subscription. It just isn´t necessary.

Well, there you have them: my three humble requests for whatever film comes next in the TRANSFORMERS franchise. I´m actually looking forward to the new Netflix cartoon, based on the War for Cybertron storyline, than I am a BUMBLEBEE sequel. But we´re getting one anyway, and I thought I´d share my wishlist. 

What do YOU want from the future of the franchise? Share in the comments!

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