Special Transformers Animated Display at Auto Assembly Europe 2011

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Every year at Auto Assembly Europe we try to have a couple of different displays showcasing various toys such as mold variations, unreleased products, customs, unusual toys, etc. This year, amongst other things, we are doing a one of a kind display for the Nordic region, featuring what was probably the most popular Transformers series in years – Transformers: Animated.

Now, it’s not just any old display of Animated toys. This is a rather special one… The display will feature several pieces of interest, including: 

  • The complete BotCon 2011 “Stunticon Job” set
  • The complete line-up of the BotCon 2011 souvenir figures (except the two that weren’t using Animated molds)
  • The Transformers Collector’s Club Exclusive Animated Transtech Cheetor figure
  • Several Japanese Animated toys that were never released in the west, including Blackout, Wingblade Prime, and Hydrodive Bumblebee
  • A wide range of Japanese exclusive Animated toys, including Hyper Hobby Black Rodimus, Elite Guard Prowl, Encyclopedia Elite Guard Optimus Prime, the Sons of Cybertron set, and more
    Japanese Animated Lucky Draw figures
  • The completely unreleased Electromagnetic Soundwave toy, of which only two have ever surfaced

This all comes together to create a rather unique and special look at a wide range of Animated toys that for several reasons never made it to the Nordic region.

Are you excited? We sure are! 

Come to Auto Assembly Europe in Uppsala, Sweden on 12th – 13th November to have a look at this highly unusual display! To find out more or to book your tickets, visit http://www.autoassemblyeurope.eu

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