Hasbro share prices rise, income increases thanks to “Bumblebee” film

We’ve spoken a lot on here about “Bumblebee”: how it was a reboot of the franchise, how it then wasn’t, how the film pulled in big money from the Chinese box office, and now we’re getting another glimpse at why Lorenzo Di Bonaventura might have called off more Bayverse films (despite my candid letter to Mark Whalberg): Paramount isn’t the only one in the equation, and the other partner in this franchise, Hasbro, has seen many benefits from the recent film, including a rise in stock prices and a pretty healthy increase in revenue, too.

How good is it? Well, Hasbro stock is likely to hit heights they’ve not seen for over two decades. That’s right: the toy maker is selling yellow cars like hotcakes, and the numbers are piling up; so much so that they are better than they’ve been under any of Bay’s films.

James Zahn, senior editor at trade magazine “The Toy Book” said: “Families going to watch Bumblebee during the Christmas break meant the toys were hot going into the start of 2019 … and with the Blu-Ray out sales could see another uptick”. Yes, it probably will, as the film will not only see Blu-Ray sales but probably also streaming deals in the near future.

This is also the first rise in revenue for Hasbro since Toys ‘R Us went bottom’s up in 2017. They were a major customer of Hasbro’s and the toy maker had been struggling to recover from the loss of that logistic mammoth.

Hasbro shares went up over 15 points, reaching over $100 in value at market’s closing. That’s nothing to sniff at, particularly considering that they are also expecting healthy grow after “Avengers: Endgame” launches in a little bit.

Interesting stuff for sure, and it shows that the new audiences are ready to invest into “Transformers” toys, much like we were (and are still). Did you get any of the new toys? Maybe the “Ectotron” Transformers – Ghostbusters crossover we reported on a while back? Sound off in the comments!

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