Fan of 80s Transformers PSA? Check out this film raising awareness for autism

Hello there, fellow Transformers fans! Marcos Codas here, bringing you news of a very cool, very unique project that’s currently raising funds for post-production. Do you remember those old Public Service Announcements at the end of Transformer episodes?

Well, fellow Transfromershead Aaron Fixter and his team are in the late stages of post-production for his short PSA-type film in order to raise awareness for autism. He’s got backing from prop companies and the whole thing looks mint! Not to mention, it’s for a great cause.

Here’s the ling to the Justgiving page:

Here’s some more information about the film and why they’re making it: “We are making a short film about Autism, specifically a inability to communicate using your own voice, our six year old son Sam, is severely Autistic and has not spoken a word since he arrived six years ago, We were shocked to witness one day a Woman look upon sam with disgust as he walked around a supermarket making his random sounds and screeches, the look on her face was what I can only describe as horrified and she proceeded to shake her head and move away from Sam very quickly.

As a short film maker I wanted to do a short film to educate people on different ways an Autistic person might communicate and the tools they may use, in this project the autistic child uses a system called PECS, in witch the child has a deck of cards depicting items and locations from everyday life, they simply find the picture card they want and show it to someone, this allows the Autistic child to say what they want in a visual manner.”

If that’s not a reason to unite as fans of a franchise and help each other out, I don’t know what is!

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