Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep24 – “A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur’s Court”

“I just changed heads last week!”

This episode begins in the midst of a battle between Starscream, Ramjet, Ravage and Rumble and Autobot Warpath. As Warpath seems to be getting the best of the energy depleted Decepticons, Rumble detects some energy coming from some ancient stones. Upon trying to access the energy, the Decepticons are transported to an ancient land and come across some armoured knights on horses.

“I am Starscream of Cybertron”

Confused, and mistaking the armoured knights for Autobots, Starscream suddenly realises he’s time-travelled and agrees to help the knights defeat their enemies.

It doesn’t take long before Warpath, Hoist, and Spike also follow the Decepticons through the time portal. Spike meets a young maiden called Nimoey, who explains that they are near Camelot, and asks for their help in defending against their enemies who are being aided by the Decepticons.

“Cows Sir Hoist!”

Sir Aitley explains to Hoist that the feud between the two factions is to do with an argument over land and cows! A jousting tournament has been arranged to bring the two factions together to try to settle the argument peacefully. Spike agrees to compete in the tournament in custom made armour that Hoist puts together for him.

It doesn’t take long before Sir Aitley greets his opponent, Sir Wagon, who introduces his champions-Sir Rumble and Sir Ramjet! Despite the Autobots being low on energy, Warpath with Sir Aitley on board jousts with Ramjet and Rumble and gain the upper hand in the tournament. Starscream gets frustrated and takes matters into his own hands, kidnapping Nimoey and holding her to ransom for Sir Aitley’s Kingdom.

“Thou who playest with fire might find himself singed by the dragon’s breath”

A wise magician learns of what has happened at the tournament and sets off to help. Meanwhile, Starscream and the Decepticons are running low on energy, but Starscream creates a dynamo to charge them up. Realising his error, Sir Wagon visits Nimoey and vows to change his ways just as Spike arrives to mount a rescue attempt. Too low on energy to use their lasers, the Deceptions gather enough resources to create gunpowder to use to fight the Autobots.

“Without Energy we’re done for”

Hoist, Warpath and the knights head off to join Spike’s rescue attempt, but their energy levels are too low to make an impact. However, the wise magician arrives just in time and uses his magic to charge the Autobots. They break through the castle walls and use their charged-up energy levels to stop the Decepticons and destroy their energy dynamo so they can’t recharge.

After taking care of the small matter of fighting of a dragon who lives in the time portal they need to get back home, the Autobots lead Starscream and the gang back to their time. They arrive just in time to rejoin an Autobot-Decepticon battle!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

There are no particular stand-out scenes or plot points in this episode. Hoist, Warpath, Starscream, Rumble, and Ramjet are the characters which get the most screen-time.

The Verdict:

Although I’m sure this episode would still be entertaining for younger viewers, it’s not one of the best Transformers storylines. 5 energon cubes out of 10.


I like the idea of finding the energy in the ancient stones, and them opening up a time-portal, but the rest of the episode fell a little flat for me. However, I’m sure it served its purpose in giving some screen time to some characters who haven’t been seen as much in Hoist, Warpath, and Ramjet.

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