Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep10 – “Enter The Nightbird”

“These detection panels are just what we need to keep us safe…..”

Wheeljack is supervising the installation of detection panels at Autobot base, which detect metal. The installation is interrupted by a message from Doctor Fujiama, asking the Autobots to protect his new invention, a special robot. Prime is intrigued and agrees to attend the unveiling.

The Autobots are skeptical that a robot invented by a human could be special. However, when the robot is unveiled, Doctor Fujiama explains that it is the first female ninja robot – Nightbird.

As Doctor Fujiama is explaining the benefits that Nightbird will have to mankind, the Decepticons breach the building and attack. While the Autobots are distracted by fighting the Decepticons, Starscream and his jets steal Nightbird from above and the Decepticons flee with her back to their new temporary base.

“I love warping minds for you Megatron!”

At the Decepticon base, Bombshell is making modifications to Nightbird. She is programmed to steal the world energy chip from the Autobots and then to exterminate them!

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime vows to return Nightbird to Doctor Fujiama unharmed, but not before the Autobots have returned to base to lick their wounds.

Nightbird arrives at Autobot base and uses her ninja skills to infiltrate the base without them detecting her. She even manages to bypass Wheeljack’s detection panels. She is discovered however just as she’s trying to escape with the world energy chip, however her ninja abilities help her to vanish without a trace.

The Autobots set off to find Nightbird and find her scaling a mountain. Nightbird proves difficult to stop without harming her and utilises her ninja stars and sword to keep the Autobots at bay while she eludes them again – taking Optimus Prime’s laser rifle with her.

Using Hound’s infrared, they manage to track Nightbird down again. She proves elusive once more, but the Autobots manage to stay with her. However, it’s now clear to Optimus Prime that he must use some force if he’s to stop her. Mirage uses his invisibility ability to take back Optimus’s rifle and return it to him. Prime and the other Autobot’s try all of their abilities and blasts to try to stop Nightbird, but she evades all of them, much to the delight of Megatron who is watching from his base. Starscream becomes jealous, after Megatron threatens to replace him with Nightbird. Enraged, Starscream attacks Megatron, but is soon brought under control by the other seekers and trapped in an energy cage.

“No, they’ve finally got her!”

Megatron returns to his viewscreen to see what he has missed while Starscream has distracted him. He sees that the Autobots have managed to capture nightbird in an energy field of their own and orders his troops to prepare for battle as they head off to rescue Nightbird and the energy chip.

Just as Cliffjumper is about to grab the energy chip which has fallen out of Nightbird’s possession, Megatron blasts him, which announces his arrival to the Autobots. An explosive battle immediately breaks out, which sees the possession of the chip change hands multiple times until it ends up with Optimus Prime. Megatron frees Nightbird, while back at base, Starscream also manages to free himself and heads to the scene of the battle. As Optimus Prime is battling Nightbird, Starscream, in a fit of jealously uses his null-ray to disable her. Realising what Starscream has done, Megatron decides to leave the battle with the Autobots and chase after Starscream instead to hold him accountable for his traitorous actions!

The Autobots return Nightbird to Doctor Fujiama, who locks her away forever!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

The thing that stands out most in this episode is Starscream’s jealously when Megatron jests that he wants to replace him with Nightbird. It’s this jealously that ultimately undoes Megatron’s plan and enables the Autobots to win the day. We see some great scenes showing areas of the Autobot base that have not been seen before as Nightbird infiltrates the Ark to steal the World energy Chip.

The Verdict:

I score this episode 6 energon cubes out of 10.


This was a difficult episode to score. There’s nothing bad about the episode, Nightbird is a memorable character, and it’s great that we got to see some areas of Autobot base that aren’t often seen. However, there are just other episodes that just have more of an x-factor about them. This isn’t a knock on this episode, just that others are of such a high standard that it’s tough to give this one a higher score. Nevertheless, if you haven’t seen this one before, do give it a watch. It’s still a solid Transformers episode.

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