Episode Review: Transformers S02 Ep04 – “Attack of the Autobots”

“Autobots, transform……roll out!”

Straight into the action! The Decepticons launch an attack on the Ark. Prime, Ironhide, Brawn, and Prowl head out to intercept them. While they are fighting, Megatron uses the calamity as a distraction to coat himself and Starscream in an invisibility spray which allows him to sneak into Autobot base undetected. He then accesses the Autobots recharging chambers and puts a personality destabilser into them. Knowing that his objective has been achieved, Megatron withdraws his team from the fight.

“Everybody to the recharging chambers, we’ve got a big day ahead”

The Autobots don’t waste any time before using their recharging chambers. Teletraan-1 detects a rocket launch for a solar power generating satellite. Just as the Autobots are planning to head there to guard it from the Decepticons, the personality destabilisers kick in and the Autobots find themselves under Megatron’s control. His first act is to get them to smash Teletraan-1!

“What’s with Bluestreak? He’s trying to blast Jazz!”

Fortunately Jazz and Bumblebee are elsewhere, testing out the modifications that Spike and Sparkplug have made to his speakers. Not wanting to get caught up in the noise, Bumblebee heads off to headquarters. On arrival he finds a very quiet Ark. Bluestreak reveals himself and tries to force Bumblebee into a recharging chamber. Fortunately, just as Bluestreak has overpowered Bumblebee, Jazz arrives having completed the test of his speakers. Jazz manages to subdue Blustreak, and Spike and Sparkplug rescue Bumblebee from the recharging chamber. Naturally, Jazz, Bumblebee, Spike and Sparkplug want to know what’s going on, so they get to work fixing Teletraan-1, who explains what has happened.

Meanwhile, Prime and the rest of the Autobots arrive at an air-force base, and smash through the barrier. They set about smashing everything in sight. Teletraan-1 alerts the others that the Autobots are attacking the base and they set off to do what they can to pacify their destabilised friends.

“The plans for the solar satellite must be seized!”

Doctor Harding, the designer of the solar satellite has only just been warned that Autobots are on their way to her, when Hound and Ratchet, under Megatron’s control arrive to try to steal the plans. Doctor Harding it seems is athletic and resourceful as well as intelligent, as she escapes though a window and uses a parasol to cushion her fall.

Bumblebee arrives at the base and does everything he can to try to stop Optimus Prime from creating carnage and can’t believe what he’s seeing. Megatron meanwhile arrives at the rocket base which will launch the rocket carrying the solar satellite. He quickly takes control and Soundwave uses his talents to make sure the launch cannot be aborted. He reveals his plan to get aboard the rocket and use it to travel to Cybertron, along with the ability to use the solar satellite to create perpetual energy.

At Autobot HQ, Sparkplug has developed a device called an attitude exchanger, that will drain evil energy from the Autobots and restore their good energy. Bluestreak awakens just in time for them to test it on him. Jazz uses his sound and light abilities to distract him while Sparkplug attaches the exchanger-which quickly restores Bluestreak’s personality. Now they know the exchanger is a success, they set about making more so they can restore the rest of the Autobots.

“Prepare for termination!”

Rachet and Hound are still on the Hunt for Doctor Harding. Jazz distracts Hound long enough for Sparkplug to attach an exchanger to him, and they quickly get one on Ratchet too, restoring them in time to save Doctor Harding from harm.

At the Airforce base, Bumblebee can no longer stand seeing Prime destroying planes. He stands up to Prime, who threatens him with termination! Meanwhile, Jazz and the restored Autobots find Skyfire and restore him too. Using Skyfire’s size and speed, they climb aboard and quickly make their way to the Air Force base. They arrive on scene just in time to distract Prime from smashing Bumblebee. Seeing the Autobots quickly restore Prowl and Brawn, Prime discards bumblebee and splits into his three components, cab, trailer battle platform, and roller, to go on the offensive. Hound manages to restore the battle platform and roller, and bumblebee volunteers to finish the job by restoring Prime himself. Prime is already trying to fight against his destabilised personality, which gives Bumblebee the window he needs to finish the job with the exchanger.

“……and that’s Megatrons’ plan!”

Prime is briefed on what Megatron plans to do. The Autobots head off aboard Skyfire to stop the rocket launch. Megatron leads his Decepticons aboard the rocket, and its engines fire up, launching it into the sky. Prime and Rachet leap on to it from Skyfire. Rachet sets about disconnecting the solar satellite from the rocket, so Prime can send it into orbit, while Jazz works on disabling the rocket itself. Jazz’s new speaker modifications come in handy, as he uses them to create soundwaves strong enough to rupture the rocket’s fuel tanks. The Decepticons abandon ship and Prime launches the solar satellite.

“You wouldn’t know a microchip from a potato chip!”

Back at Autobot base, Rachet finds the personality exchangers that Megatron implanted in the recharging chambers and removes them. Ratchet and Sparkplug argue over who should get the most credit for resolving the situation, but they forget about it when they realise how many planes they all need to repair at the air-force base!

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

The Autobots are good, that’s the way we like them. But there was something cool about seeing them use their power when they are creating mayhem and destruction at the air-force base. It’s also rare that we see Optimus Prime use all of his battle features, so that was a good scene too. Great to see Jazz get some more screen time as he hasn’t been involved as much as he was in season one at this point.

The Verdict:

A very good, and perhaps underrated episode. Fast paced, action packed and well animated. I score this episode 9 energon cubes out of 10.


I talk often with friends who are fellow Transformers fans about great episodes and stories, and I can’t remember a situation where this episode has ever been discussed. Yet, as I watched it to write this review, I found myself well and truly hooked! Some of the best and most memorable Transformers episodes are the ones that delve into Transformers history and/or mythology, perhaps it’s only the fact that this episode doesn’t have any of that that keeps it overshadowed by other episodes. Could this be one of the most underrated episodes?

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