Episode Review: Transformers S01 Ep09 – “Fire on The Mountain”

“I’d recognise their slimy contrails anywhere!”

Trailbreaker and Brawn happen to come across two Decepticon Jets, who are stealing steel from a factory. They engage in a brief fight, but Starscream and Thundercracker are able to best the Autobots and escape with the steel. The Autobots launch their Skyspy to try to determine what the Decepticons are up to.

“The Incan legend is true Megatron”

Following up on an Incan Legend, Megatron and his Decepticons find the Crystal of Power in an Incan pyramid temple. We quickly learn that the steel that Starscream and Thundercracker stole was to make a weapon frame to weaponise the power of the crystal, which harnesses the power from the earth’s core.
Laserbeak detects the presence of the Autobots Skyspy, and Megatron uses the weaponised crystal to destroy it. The power of the crystal weapon is evident, but it seems that the steel that was used to create the weapon frame was not strong enough to withstand it. Megatron and co fly off to find a new supply of steel for a new frame, while leaving Skywarp to watch over Starscream and Thundercracker, who are arguing over whose fault the weak steel was!

“Keep Pounding Sideswipe”

Meanwhile, Sideswipe and Wheeljack are at the Arctic Cirlcle, attempting to dig Skyfire out of the ice (see Episode Review: Transformers S01 Ep07 – “Fire In The Sky” – Auto Assembly). They are successful and waste no time sending him on his first mission, to the Incan temple at the Andes mountains with Brawn and Windcharger.
It doesn’t take long before the Autobots find the Decepticons and engage in battle, while also trading a few insults. It appears the Decepticons have the upper hand, until Skyfire swoops to the rescue.
The trio of Autobots fly home to pick up some reinforcements, then return to try to foil the Decepticons plans. Skyfire returns to the Incan temple, while Optimus Prime and a team of Autobots head to stop the Decepticons from raiding a mining town for their steel.

“I must destroy their new weapon”

As both sides battle in the mining town, Bumblebee and Spike rescue a local girl, who tells them about the Crystal of Power.
Somehow, while fighting the Autobots at the mining town, Megatron manages to create a new alloy for the weapon frame, let it not be said that Megatron can’t multi-task! He calls on Skywarp to come and join him, leaving Starscream and Thundercracker on guard duty, which enrages Starscream.
Meanwhile Bumblebee, the local girl, and Spike are infiltrating the Incan Temple. Soundwave discovers them and sends in Ravage to eliminate them. While this is happening, Thundercracker finds Skyfire trying to sneak up on the Decepticons to take out their new weapon. Thundercracker struggles to choose whether to stop skyfire, or let him destroy the weapon and pin the blame on Starscream. Starscream discovers this, and while trying to blast him for it, incidentally hits Skyfire! He then tells Thundercracker to do exactly as he tells him, otherwise he will report his treachery to Megatron!

“Autobots, weapons ready…commence firing!”

At the mining town, Skywarp arrives and is loaded up with the new steel alloy. As the Decepticons fly off, Megatron blasts a mountain, which starts a landslide that endangers the locals. The Autobots intervene and manage to save them!
The scene shifts back to the temple, where Bumblebee and the humans have discovered the source of the crystals power, and the injured Skyfire. As Spike tries to fix Skyfire, Ravage arrives and engages Bumbelbee in battle.
The Decepticons new weapon frame has been tested and proved effective as Prime and the rest of the Autobots arrive on scene. While an intense battle breaks out, Skyfire is revived by Spike in the temple and he assists Bumblebee, before joining the battle outside.
Skyfire is able to swoop in and destroy the weapon frame while Megatron is distracted by Prime, Ironhide, and Brawn. Optimus strikes the final blow to Megatron and the Decepticons retreat with their tails between their legs.

Key Scenes, Plot Points and Characters:

Brawn gets involved heavily in many of the battle scenes in this episode, showing his fearlessness, even taking on Megatron. Ironhide, while not featured heavily in this one, also shows his bravery in the final battle scene, showing us what “separates the Autobots from the robot chickens!” As well as the already established power struggle between Starscream and Megatron, it’s interesting to see the jealousy and infighting between the Seekers (Starscream and his team of jets) in this episode, it shows what a dysfunctional bunch the Decepticons really are!

The Verdict:

Lots of scene shifting and battle scenes are crammed into this episode. It’s not a standout Transformers episode, but it’s good to see the return of Skyfire, and there’s plenty of action. I score this episode 6 energon cubes out of 10.


It’s not until you try to write about this episode that you realise how many rapid scene changes there are, so many in fact that I’m wondering how I didn’t get dizzy while watching it!  When you think that the transformers cartoon is essentially a long toy advert, this episode does a particularly good job of that, as a lot of character appearances are squeezed in.

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