Episode Review: Beast Wars S01 Ep07 “Fallen Comrades”

Beast Wars

A damaged stasis pod crashes to Earth (oops, sorry… spoiler for those of you who still haven’t seen Beast Wars!) containing a Maximal protoform which has developed a fault in its ID circuitry. The Maximals aren’t the only ones to have noticed its arrival and a race is on to get to the pod first. If the Predacons can get there before the Maximals then they intend to reprogram the protoform as one of their own.

As a diversionary tactic to delay their progress, the Predacons attack the Maximals base. In the onslaught Optimus Primal is critically injured. Still thirsting for power, Dinobot seems to be more than a little eager to hold Primal’s funeral, hoping to take over as the new leader of the Maximals, much to the annoyance of the others. While Optimus is recovering, the two warring sides are pitted in a desperate race to recover the fallen stasis pod and rescue the blank protoform…

Splitting into two teams, the Maximals head off but the Predacons arrive first thanks to the use of some underhanded tactics. Megatron opens the pod infront of his cohorts with the intention of gloating over his victory. That sense of victory is short-lived as the pod opens and reveals nothing inside – the protoform is missing. Upon learning of this, a signal is transmitted from the Maximal base from a partially recovered Optimus to the protoform to activate the newly formed Maximal. The protoform immediately starts to scan its surroundings… and the new arrival reveals himself to the others initally in his beast form, that of a white tiger – Tigatron.

The good natured ‘bot agrees to help Optimus Primal in his campaign against the Predacons but he declines his offer to join the Maximals. Tigatron admits that his circuitry is still malfunctioning and his beast side is still more dominant than it should be and he feels that his place – for now at least – is in the wild where he feels he belongs.

Fallen Comrades is a superb story and one that’s driven more by character than anything else. They’re all given the opportunity to shine in a story where they pull together supporting  their teammates – and future teammates, showcasing the best attributes that make a Maximal what they are. Despite only making a brief appearance at the end, Blu Mankuma made a memorable impression as Tigatron and it was already clear that the character was going to be one to watch…

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