Auto Assembly update – November 2016

You may have noticed that things have been quiet for some time here on the Auto Assembly website. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to bring you as many articles or reviews as we would have liked, nor bring you additional content to the website from our archives both to the website or to our recently revived YouTube Channel. It’s certainly not because we’re not passionate about the work that we have done over the years or because we don’t have plenty of ideas for things that we want to do with the website – far from it. There is still an abundance of toys being released, comics that we can talk about, not to mention our ongoing features looking back at old TV episodes, video games and more that we’d love to be able to bring you in addition to continuing to release digital issues of our fanzine The Cybertronian Times, but from an organisational point of view we’re struggling behind the scenes…

As some of our regular readers know, Auto Assembly is part of a larger group run under the larger Infinite Frontiers banner – a larger geek group that has been around since 1989. While we have a wide ranging team of writers and contributors, in recent months real-life has had to take priority for most of our team. Work, health, family, higher education… and with everything we do being run in our spare time we have had to put most of our projects on the back-burner.

None of our websites or projects has escaped unscathed and the Auto Assembly side of things has suffered in this quite badly. Over the last 12 months despite having some people come on board, many of these have struggled personally and not been able to commit in the way that they had hoped to which has made working on our projects difficult. Many of our long-established team members have also found their personal lives affecting their work with Auto Assembly reducing our ability and no matter how you look at it, that has had a dramatic impact on our output. Affecting that even more is that – as overall head of Infinite Frontiers – I have a great many personal commitments outside of all of our sites restricting my time further making it difficult to take on the responsibility of taking a lead writing role across all of our sites. While I desperately want to write more and have a long list of content that I want to write – reviews, articles, blog posts, interviews and more – the truth is that real life is getting in the way.

We have actively tried to recruit new writers but this has fallen through on several occasions now and when we have been investing time here in doing so, that’s taken even more of our time away from writing. Please don’t think that we’re ignoring Auto Assembly – far from it – but we don’t want you to think that we’re abandoning the site. We are just desperately trying to make as much time as we can to get back on track. We are still actively looking for new writers and are working hard to bring the next issue of The Cybertronian Times out as soon as possible, but in the meantime please bear with us.

Simon Plumbe
Head, Infinite Frontiers

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