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We’ve introduced you to the first five members of the new-look Auto Assembly team so far but we’re not satisfied with leaving it at that and we want more fresh blood to add to the fantastic talent pool that we have behind the scenes here at Auto Assembly HQ! While we will be looking at adding people over the coming months to work on all of our upcoming projects, we do have a few specific roles right now that we want to bring some people in for to be a part of Auto Assembly and maybe one of those people could be YOU…

You don’t need to have any previous experience in science fiction fandom, with any organisations of any kind or even in convention organising – we’re just looking for people with a bit of time to spare who are keen to get involved and be a part of Auto Assembly’s future. Obviously a passion for Transformers is essential and we’d prefer people who have attended at least one Auto Assembly convention in the past so you’re at least familiar with some of our past work!

We’ll be introducing more team members shortly that we’re already talking to as well as our next project soon, the next couple of positions that we need filling are:-

Charity Coordinator

We’re re-starting all of our charity work very shortly and we need someone to take a lead on this. Not only will you work with identifying charities for us to support, but work with finding ways to raise money for our chosen charities, helping to promote our fundraising campaigns, and sourcing items for raffles, online auctions and other activities.

Marketing Coordinator

There’s no point in us doing all of our current work if we don’t tell people about them so we need someone to take a lead with our promotional work. You’ll be working with Transformers websites and forums, taking over as our Press Liaison and working to handle most of our press releases working with the rest of our team. If it involves promoting any aspect of our work – whether it’s our Youtube Channel, The Cybertronian Times, expanding our Mailing List or anything else – the chances are you’ll be involved!

Other Roles

Open to anyone – and we’d also hope that those taking on the above positions would like to be a part of them – we’d like people to get involved with our forum, contributing to the continuation of our magazine The Cybertronian Times, get involved in our regional meets (and organising them in their local towns / cities), and we’re open to other ideas and suggestions too. Just drop us an email and we can take things from there!

– – –

So if you’re interested in any of these, get in touch using our Contact Form. With 26 years under our belts in sci-fi fandom (under our parent organisation, Infinite Frontiers), it’s a really exciting time for us as we move into the latest phase of all of our work. It’s a new era for Auto Assembly and it’s a great time for our new team to be in place bringing in decades of experience into our team and the return of one of our longest-serving team members and some familar faces.

As a constantly evolving organisation that has seen over 50 people come and go as part of it’s core team since starting in August 1989, we’re looking forward to another 25 years with more of the great things you’ve come to expect from Auto Assembly and Infinite Frontiers and we’d love to have some of you come and work with us to make them a reality and to have all of you come and join us for the ride!

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