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We’ve been quiet here at Auto Assembly HQ for a little while but things are about to change…! Our Committee Head, Simon Plumbe has been busy for the last couple of months working on re-starting his writing career and been busy with many matters in his personal life so hasn’t been able to spend as much time on the convention as he would normally have liked so unfortunately the convention has had to take something of a back seat for him. However, we have been making many behind-the-scenes plans still and we’re now ready to make a lot of announcements so expect this week to be pretty busy…

To give you all a taster of what you can expect, here are some of the things that will be coming from us this week:-

Booking Confirmations

The final batch of these are going out right now and by the end of this week everyone should have theirs whether you were one of our 2012 volunteers, attendees, or dealers. These have taken longer than usual to send as we had to wait some time for some essential information to come through from the Hilton, and Simon has had to spend a lot more time than expected away from convention work.


As you know we have already confirmed our three guests of honour for Auto Assembly 2013 – Dan Gilvezan, Neil Kaplan and Steve Blum but unusually we haven’t announced any of our comic guests yet. Well, everything is about to change as we start to announce details of most of our comic guest line-up for 2013…!

Activities and Events

We’re making a lot of changes to Auto Assembly 2013 to bring you an even bigger and better convention than 2012. While we know that everyone enjoyed the weekend, there were things that could have been improved and we’re taking on board all of the comments and suggestions that you have made to us. We’re looking at things that we can do and we’ll start to make announcements about some of the new and improved things that will be happening.

Goodie Bag

We’ll be unveiling the first goodie bag item this week and it’s a stunner!

Exclusive Merchandise

We have our first convention exclusive lined up and we think that it’s something that you’re going to love. Pre-orders will be available soon but we think that many of you will want a sneak peek soon and hopefully this will be available this week…


We’re just finalising the design for the Auto Assembly 2013 flyer right now and we’ll be unveling this soon as well and if you know any shops and stores who will be interested in taking some please let us know.

Sponsorship / Advertising

We have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved to promote your business or website as a sponsor or advertiser. Whether it’s through taking out an advert in the convention magazine or comic, sponsoring a postcard or getting involved in some other way such as sponsoring a guest, please get in touch and we’ll see what we can come up with!

Dealers Tables

We already have some tables sold and several more provisionally booked. Last year we ended up with a waiting list for tables so if you are interested in coming along to AA2013 as a dealer, we’d recommend that you get in touch now to avoid disappointment!

One Day Tickets

At the moment, we have only released weekend passes for sale for Auto Assembly 2013 but we are about to release single day tickets for the convention! These may be limited this time so once they go on sale we’d advise you to book as quickly as you can so you don’t miss out!


Finally, we’ll be giving the website an update, adding a lot more content and information on Auto Assembly 2013 including our Auto Assembly 2013 Attendee Information Pack!

* * *

And that’s just for starters!

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