Auto Assembly 2012 Hotel Room Bookings

For those of you who are planning on booking hotel rooms in the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel for Auto Assembly 2012, please do NOT book your rooms yet. We are still in the final stages of setting up the hotel room micro-site with the hotel right now and until this is set up we will not be able to work with the hotel and track your room bookings and convention registrations properly. Please note that this rate is JUST for convention attendees only and for those of you who register before booking your tickets for the convention, you will not qualify for the hotel exclusive litho print as the hotel will not be able to provide us with the information we need to arrange your gifts.

The online booking system we are setting up with the hotel will be able to track ticket numbers as will the telephone booking system once we have finalised things next week, but until then this will not be in place. Please be patient until this has been sorted and announced here on the website.

We have not sent out booking confirmation emails for the convention yet as we have been waiting for the hotel to finalise online room bookings, but these will be sent out to everyone who has registered for the convention shortly.

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