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Long before Auto Assembly began, we’ve had a track record of running events and publishing fanzines,dating right back to our first ever projects in 1989. No matter what we have been involved with, publishing has always been close to our hearts and at Auto Assembly 2015 we want to go back to our roots and we want YOU to be involved so for our last convention our publishing guru, Andy Turnbull will be hosting a Fanzine Workshop which will be running throughout the convention weekend.

With his partner in crime, Matt Dallas, Andy will be taking you through the process of producing a Fanzine from start to finish. Covering writing, artwork, lettering, editing and design and the setting up of the document ready to publish. At the end of the convention weekend the content that is produced during the workshop will be assembled into a fanzine ready for publication, produced by YOU our attendees! And what’s more, this fanzine will be available FREELY to everyone as a DRM free PDF file.

The theme for the fanzine is going to be Endings and Beginnings. While 2015 may be the end of Auto Assembly as a convention, 2015 certainly isn’t marking the end of Auto Assembly’s involvement in Transformers fandom and we want this fanzine to be a reflection of that. Issue 16 of our convention magazine, The Cybertronian Times is being given away to attendees at this years event but many don’t realise that it pre-dates Auto Assembly by two years, first seeing print in 1998! The Cybertronian Times itself is set to have a new beginning after the convention and will see a new lease of life once again as it returns to its position as a stand-alone publication.

Endings and Beginnings is a poignant theme, but one that we hope will give all of you who come and join us in this exciting workshop plenty of grist for the creative mill to inspire something truly special. Who knows, you might feel the creative urge to join our creative team for the future with The Cybertronian Times…

As always, this and all the other workshops and activities taking place at Auto Assembly 2015 are included in the admission price to the convention which is taking place over the weekend of 21st – 23rd August 2015 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, Birmingham, England.

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