What’s the Best Transformers Film For Enticing Newcomers?

The Last Knight

Most of us reading this site have been around for a while. Transformers have been with us for years, perhaps decades. So we have a lot of emotional commitment into the franchise. It’s a bit of hollowed ground. But new people are born all the time. This means that Transformers, like any franchise, will get new fans as time passes. But first impressions are important. You don’t want a potential new Star Wars fans to watch The Phantom Menace. So, it’s crucial to get our little Decepticons exposed to the right thing. Therefore: What’s the Best Transformers Film For Enticing Newcomers? Let’s find out.

What to Avoid

Let me tell you a story. Imagine you’re on your way to a holiday. People have been hyping this up for years. It’s a legendary location: Australia. Perennial beaches, endless summers. Closest you ever got was seeing the sights on the best australia online casino. But now you get the chance to go there for real. You get off the plane, step onto a beach. And it’s Jaws. There’s a huge shark, your dream vacation is gone.

That’s what it’d be like to introduce new people to Transformers via The Last Knight. It has a lot of potential, and it sure will be exciting, but it’ll probably put you off ever coming back to it. As a whole, I’d avoid both of the Whalberg films as introductions to the franchise. I love Marky Mark, but it’s best to play it a bit safer.

The Choice for the Younger Crowd

If young people are the target audience, I think going with 2007’s Transformers is the best bet. It strikes a good balance between (somewhat) respecting the source material, and adding XXI century amenities. I’m still a bit iffy on Michael Bay’s portrayal of women, and there are crass jokes aplenty, but overall, it’s a good film. It also set the stage for the rest of the franchise. It made over a billion dollars. That’s not bad. Not bad at all.

It’s an easy sell for younger people, as younger people are the protagonists. Shia Lebauf is actually pretty good in it. I don’t even hold it against the guy that he went a bit mental. There’s cool tunes, the tone’s a bit fun. Good balance overall.

The Connoisseur’s Choice

For old school fans, 2018’s Bumblebee is probably the most accurate representation of its source material in the whole franchise. The action is a bit toned down, the characters feel more intimate. It’s also a prequel which sets up some of the events which follow in the Bay films.

Sadly, it’s so far the only non-Bay film in the franchise. This means that new fans who enjoy Bumblebee may be totally put off by the difference in tone in the Bayverse movies. On the other hand, they may fall in love with Transformers so hard, they’ll be willing to look past Bay’s limitations and enjoy the films regardless.

So: What’s the Best Transformers Film For Enticing Newcomers? It Depends

Let’s go back to my vacation analogy for a minute. What’s the best Transformers film for enticing newcomers? It depends on the newcomer, to be honest. My vacation scenario works for someone who actually likes going to beaches. I personally don’t. So the guy who was looking at Australian scenery on the casino, be it a real money casinos US or anywhere else… that’s me. At the risk of sounding like Anakin Skywalker, I don’t quite like sand. Other people love the beach.

So, if someone is more action-oriented, I’d suggest introducing them to the franchise via the 2007 film. It has good action, it’s not totally devoid of character development, and it sets up the franchise nicely. If the person you’re trying to introduce to the franchise is more into storytelling, Bumblebee is the obvious choice. So, armed with this information, go forth and convert!

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