What Comes Next for the Transformers Cinematic Universe

The Transformers franchise has grown immensely since its original release in the early 80s. People of all ages have purchased merchandise, watched series or movies and played Transformers-themed video games on multiple gaming environments. However, the examples above do not seem to be enough for Transformers enthusiasts, as the demand for more Autobot and Decepticon stories is constantly getting bigger. This is why Paramount and Hasbro Studios are already working on several different projects, which will follow in the footsteps of the original Transformers movie series and of spin-off features like Bumblebee. This is more than expected, considering the fact that the cinematic part of the franchise has generated almost five billion dollars at the box office.

Even though times are hard for movie studios and for theatres all over the world, production teams are working as hard as they can to create the next blockbuster, the next hit TV show or the next streaming service success story. With that in mind, it feels like it will not be long before the next cinematic Transformers feature premieres in cinemas worldwide. Paramount is eager to keep the franchise in the spotlight for many years to come and the only way to do that is by releasing new Transformers movies. Whether it will be easy for people to go to the cinema or not is of course another story.

We all have the need for entertainment and when going to the cinema is not an easy option for a big part of the cinephile audience, it is important for studios like Paramount and for companies like Hasbro to offer entertainment alternatives to their loyal fan base. Whether these come in the form of a video game a person can play when they are not enjoying playing at the live casino at mansioncasino.com/uk/, or as a series found at the libraries of streaming services like Netflix or HBO, these companies have ways to capitalise on the fact that they own specific Transformers rights. These rights have proven their worth time and time again and it does not seem likely that they will lose their on-going entertainment momentum.

A very good example of a streaming service Transformers feature is the animated adventure series Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy. The second season of Rescue Bots Academy was just released on Netflix together with a variety of movies and shows. For those who do not know of it, is a series which the whole family can watch together. It might not have the fancy CGI of the Transformers movies or the old-school action of the original 1984 Transformers animated series, but it is still a show worth watching.

What About the Gamers?

The Transformers universe is not just about movies and television series. The media franchise was after all a byproduct of the toy line, which every child wanted to own in the 80s. The same toy line spawned a popular video game franchise, which developed almost at the same time as the toy line, the graphic novel series and the animated TV series. Nowadays, Transformers video games can be played on a number of gaming environments, such as consoles, computers and mobile devices. The most recent addition to the gaming collection is Transformers: Battlegrounds, which is a game that can be played by Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation and computer gamers.

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