Transformers Kingdom: What We Know and What Might Still Be to Come

What Else Might Be

Rodimus Prime

One leak that has merit deals with a prominent character from the 1986 movie line that doesn’t show up in the computer leaks, but was included in a leak of characters before they showed up on computers: Rodimus Prime.

It makes sense: we are getting figures for Galvatron, Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Kup, Blurr, Cyclonus, and Scourge… why not a new figure for Rodimus Prime?

What is unclear is that there are conflicting rumors. Some say that Rodimus Prime will be the Commander Class figure. As Rodimus is the same size in robot mode as Optimus Prime, and Optimus Prime was sold as Leader class with the trailer, the trailer for Rodimus would have to be either quite a bit larger OR Rodimus Prime would have to come with quite a large number of accessories.

Another rumor about Rodimus Prime is that he will have a mutant beast mode, tying him in with the Beast Wars aspect of Kingdom. Only time will tell for these rumors.

Possible Repaints / Recolors

As we have seen with Hasbro lately, they do seem to enjoy repainting figures to be sold as exclusive figures for Hasbro Pulse, Amazon, Target, and so forth. None of the following have been confirmed anywhere, but if we are to take what we know, and what we think we know into account, the following seem to be well within the realm of possibility (pictures courtesty of Tfwiki, Worthpoint, andTakara):

  1. Road Rage and or Loud Pedal (recolors of Tracks). Either or both of these would seem a no brainer as they require little to no remolding, just recolors. Though it would be nice if they did some remolding to make Road Rage more feminine.
  2. Terrorsaur (retool / repaint of either Airrazor or Wingfinger). Terrorsaur is one of only 2 Season 1 characters of Beast Wars missing.
  3. Tarantulus (retool / repaint of Black Arachnia). See above as far as missing Season 1 characters. The original Black Arachnia was a repaint of Tarantulus, so it is possible, but the figure would need a bit of “bulking up” to do so.
  4. Packrat (recolor of Rattrap). Previously a Botcon figure, but would fit in well with the new mercenary fanction
  5. Fractyl (Recolor of Terrorsaur) “If” we get a Terrorsaur, it would seem obvious to also do Fractyl since the two originally came together in the early Botcon set.
  6. Burning Convoy (recolor of BW Optimus Primal). Chances are slim on this one, but I wouldn’t put it past Hasbro to try to get some money out of a recolor of this voyager mold
  7. G2 Studio Series Grimlock and / or Slag. With these characters being leader class figures, I see this as a long shot, but we did see lots of recolors of leader class Earthrise Prime, so it is in the realm of possibility.
  8. Double Punch (recolor of BW Scorponok). A rare Japanese Botcon character, this would be a great way to allow regular buyers to own one.
  9. Grizzly-1 (recolor of Polar Claw). Same as above. Both Double Punch and Grizzly-1 were limited to only 600 pieces, so I would see these recolors as high demand.
  10. G1 Swerve (recolor of Gears). I like my IDW Swerve, but if they are making a deluxe size Gears, a deluxe size Swerve would be more size appropriate.
  11. BW Grimlock (recolor of Dinobot). While I like my Grimlock to be G1, I’m sure there is a market for the BW recolor of Dinobot as Grimlock.
  12. G2 Starscream, Nacelle, Sunstorm, Black Death Starscream, Ghost Starscream: Seekers. We are going to get more seeker recolors. You know it, I know it. It’s just a matter of who is next. They might even still show up before Kingdom as part of Earthrise.
  13. Artfire (from Inferno). We’ve gotten Stepper from Combiner Wars Jazz, why not Artfire? They made a masterpiece figure, I’m sure they’d risk a Voyager.
  14. Stepper (from Studio Series Jazz). As mentioned above, yeah, we’ve got Stepper as a combiner, but if they’re redoing Jazz nicely, Stepper might get a do over as well.
  15. Hauler (recolor of Grapple). Might still happen in Earthrise, but if not, could be pushed into Kingdom exclusive.
  16. Road Rager, Small Foot, Treds (recolors of Huffer, Gears, and Warpath). The release of Bug Bite as an exclusive shows that Hasbro is willing to hit upon those Gobot character recolors, so if we are getting new versions of Huffer, Gears, and Warpath, why not get these three as exclusives as well?
  17. Shattered Glass Megatron (recolor/remold of Cyclonus). We got a Shattered Glass Optimus in Earthrise, why not a Shattered Glass Megatron to go with it?

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