TRANSFORMERS figures still rocking, Super7 betting on old school

Transforming figures. That was the promise that ignited the passion for TRANSFORMERS for many of us. I´m 33 years old now, and despite being an fan of the franchise, on and off, since I was a kid, I must admit to never having owned a single TRANSFORMERS toy. Part of it comes from a somewhat difficult upbringing in a developing country, but part of it also comes from the fact that, even now, as an adult, I find it hard to encounter that one figure that makes me go: I HAVE TO BUY THIS. That said, there are a lot of companies making TRANSFORMERS figures, and Super7 is releasing something that might just be my entry way into collecting figures.


Oh, my. Don´t these look good? I mean, I love the complicated, huge figures that necessitate going into the best online casinos to see if you can muster up the hundreds of dollars for the biggest, most complicated TRANSFORMERS figures out there. But, being honest, these retro-inspired figures are much more my speed. And of course, the fact that they are G1 based only helps it along! I mean, just look at this Optimus!

Isn´t that gorgeous?

Like I said, I´m just as happy as everyone else about these huge, limited edition Hasbro figures. Unicron looks great. but it´s a bit on the modern side, not to mention the expensive side as well.

I do wonder, though, just how much of a TRANSFORMERS piece this really is?


Sure, the new line looks like the real retro deal, but the whole appeal of TRANSFORMERS figures is that Optimus transforms into a truck, Bumblebee transforms into a yellow car, etc. While these Super7 ReAction figures look neat, I don´t think This Optimus will be truckin´ any time soon.

Is that enough to subdue my enthusiasm?

Yeah, a bit, to be honest. I do want retro-inspired toys. I love retro-inspired tech! A good friend of mine gifted me a SNES Mini and, having grown up playing on a Mega Drive, my best bet to snag a round or two of Contra 3 or Donkey Kong Country was to either visit my cousin Chico, or visit and hope that I get lucky on the pokies. I was never all that lucky, though, and Chico´s house was very far, so, a Sega kid I stayed and never played with a SNES much.

So, having full functionality of a SNES in a small, affordable package with some great games is, for me, a great way to enjoy the nostalgia factor without sacrificing practicality.

These Super7 figures definitely tick the nostalgia box, but they are sacrificing functionality in exchange for the looks. It´s a clear case of style over substance and, while it´s all nice and affordable, at $18 a pop, I think my search for the ONE figure in the franchise that makes me take the plunge shall continue.

How about you? Are you a fan of Super7? They certainly have some super cool stuff, but is the cool factor enough for you to sacrifice functionality, and buy a TRANSFORMERS toy that doesn´t fully TRANSFORM!?

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