To Auto Assembly 2015’s 1064 attendees… we salute you!

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Yes, you read it correctly, we’re proud to say that not only has Auto Assembly once again broken it’s own record for the number of fans attending a European Transformers convention but we well and truly smashed out old record! Last year 938 people celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Transformers with us and we hoped that we would reach the magical 1,000 figure this year but none of were prepared for what happened…

Well, at Auto Assembly 2015 we were incredibly proud to welcome through the doors our 1064th attendee to the convention. It was a monumental moment for us here at Auto Assembly. When we held our first event back in 2000 with just 31 attendees we never in our wildest dreams imagined that so many of you would come along and share your love and appreciation of Transformers with us and – more importantly – meet up with and make new friends over the course of the last 15 years. Back in 2009 we were left speechless when we had over 500 attendees – the first time a European event had that large a number, something that people thought was an impossible goal and ever since that time people had been telling us that we should aim for the “magic 1,000”!

It’s not about us though – YOU are the ones who have made it happen. You have come together from all over the world and it’s your devotion, dedication and passion that has made the convention what it has become. I can’t thank all of you enough for the atmosphere that you have created at Auto Assembly over the years, and how proud you have made me feel. At the same time, I have to extend thanks to everyone who has worked hard behind the scenes to make the event happen and run smoothly – the rest of the Auto Assembly team, the tireless volunteers who have given their all throughout the weekend, all of our dealers, those who have brought us all of our convention exclusives – not just this year but every year and last – but certainly by no means least – our incredible guests and those who joined us in our Artists Alley. I could go on forever thanking everyone personally for their input and work over the years and at Auto Assembly 2015 especially but I would be here for an eternity.

I do want to give two special mentions though… first, my long-suffering wife Trish who has had to put up with me running the convention and everything associated with it over the years. As well as all of her work behind the scenes which all of you have not only seen but worn as you’ve walked around the convention, it’s her love and support that has kept me going when things have been a struggle.

Secondly is my co-conspirator back when Auto Assembly was first conceived, Sven Harvey. If it wasn’t for Sven’s original idea and the two of us working together (and his tireless efforts into brain-washing me into becomming a Transformers fan), Auto Assembly may well never have existed!

And so to the future of Auto Assembly… well, that’s a story for another time but as Simon Furman always says – “it never ends!”.

Simon Plumbe
Auto Assembly

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