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If you are planning on attending Auto Assembly 2012, you can now only attend the convention by purchasing an on-the-door ticket. Pre-bookings for the convention have now ended. Tickets will be on sale at the Hilton over the convention weekend and you will be able to buy passes for a single day or the full weekend and all of our prices will remain the same for on-the-door as they have for pre-registrations. The only difference is that you will not receive a personalised pass, nor will you be entered into any of our pre-convention prize draws.


We are changing the prices slightly for 2012. It won’t affect the majority of you and in many cases, you’ll actually find that your passes for the convention will be cheaper. We are doing this to make things a lot easier for us to keep a track of at the convention itself, and to be fairer on everyone. First, we appreciate that many of our younger attendees are not as interested in Transformers as the older ones and are often brought along by parents because they have no-one to look after them. The younger attendees may be interested in the children’s programme but certainly not the guest talks, auction etc. As such we have revised the age limit for free places and this is now rising to Under 6s from Under 5s.

Secondly, we are scrapping Student passes. In the past, we have not asked for Student ID when booking and we have taken it on good faith, but obviously retained the option of asking for proof on arrival. However, with the convention taking place in the Summer, technically no-one is a student and while many people may be students when they book, there is no guarantee that everyone will return to education after the Summer. We are therefore changing our price structure and abolishing Student Passes and altering the Child Passes at the same time. These will be replaced with a combined Youth Pass which will cover ALL attendees under the age of 18 (this will also fall in line with the British laws which are changing the legal age for school leavers). Anyone over that age will be subject to the adult ticket rate. The reduced rate for senior citizens aged 60 and over will still apply.

However, ticket prices for 2012 are being REDUCED to the levels offered in 2010 so in the majority of cases, you will save money on the price of admission to the convention anyway.


Your ticket will gain you admission to the convention and all of the activities for your chosen day(s). You will only be able to enter the Friday and Saturday evening programme if you have a full weekend pass but apart from that, everything is included in the ticket price – guest talks, workshops, autographs etc. All you need to pay for is your travel, accommodation, food and drink and whatever you want to spend!

All of our paying attendees (Adult, Youth, Senior Citizen and Dealers) will also receive our convention Goodie Bag which will contain a selection of free gifts. This will include at least four convention exclusive postcards, an Auto Assembly 2012 Litho Print, a copy of The Cybertronian Times Issue 13 and our own convention exclusive comic! More gifts will be announced nearer the convention!


Unlike previous years, we are introducing an age policy for the convention, and we insist that all unaccompanied attendees of Auto Assembly 2012 are 16 or over. Anyone attending Auto Assembly 2012 who is under 16 must be accompanied by a parent / guardian or other adult aged 16 or above. Anyone booking tickets not adhering to this policy will have their booking cancelled and a full refund issued. To qualify for one of our Partner Passes, you must be aged 18 or over.


Fans have often said that they love the atmostphere at Auto Assembly compared with Botcon and love the fact that the convention isn’t too crowded and that they have plenty of time to socialise with their friends and meet the guests. Because of this we are setting a maximum limit on the number of attendees for Auto Assembly 2012 just 1,000 fans. The hotel can hold a LOT more than this, but for 2012 we want to keep things friendly and cosy. We are not at this limit yet so we do have on-the-door places available.



Adult Weekend Ticket – £45.00

Standard admission for all adults, aged 18 or over

Youth Weekend Ticket – £35.00

This is for anyone under the age of 18 at the time of the event

Elderly Weekend Tickets – £35.00

For over 60s at the time of Auto Assembly 2012.

Under 6s Weekend Ticket – FREE

Any child under 6 at the time of Auto Assembly 2012. There is a nominal 1p charge for online tickets.

Family Weekend Tickets – £145.00

The family ticket covers two adults and two youths. A youth is classified as someone who is under 18 at the time of the convention. Under 6s are free and should be classed separately.


Adult One Day Ticket – £25.00

Standard admission for all adults, aged 18 or over.

Youth One Day Ticket – £18.00

This is for anyone aged under 18 at the time of the event

Elderly One Day Ticket – £18.00

For over 60s at the time of Auto Assembly 2012.

Under 6s One Day Ticket – FREE

Any child under 6 at the time of Auto Assembly 2012

Please note that one day passes are not available for Friday.

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