Role of robotics and artificial intelligence in the gambling industry?

The online casino industry has undergone many advanced and new technological changes. They have simplified gambling and made it accessible to the masses. You do not have to visit a traditional casino – you can already get that experience from playing at online casinos which have been designed to deliver an engaging casino like experience at home. The online casinos are filled with a variety of card and table games for the players to choose from. You can check out Winissimo for their awesome collection of games and incentives for beginners and professionals. With the online gambling industry branching out to mobile phones, mobile casinos have projected a sharp growth in their popularity and usage. The idea of accessing casinos at your fingertips is nothing short of being revolutionary. Imagine the thrill you get playing anywhere, at any time of day. Innovations like virtual reality, augmented reality, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence etc. have changed the way we perceive gaming.

The gambling companies have been experimenting with artificial intelligence in their industry and have adapted their gaming systems. Let’s see how AI and and digital ‘bots (not the fifty foot ones we’re used to seeing as Transformers fans!) have shaped up the gambling industry:

  1. Virtual Assistant and Chatbots 

The online casino sites have added chatbots to help users with their queries and problems. Unlike the regular customer service team, the chatbots are functional 24/7 and are super responsive to the needs of the consumers. In the language of artificial intelligence, the chatbots are referred to as virtual assistants. They are powered by machine learning and are fitted with NLP or Natural Language Processing system that helps the virtual assistants to understand the human language and process orders and information. The result of these advancements can be found in Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

Online bingo has manifested virtual assistants into gameplay. Since bingo has enjoyed the reputation of being a social game, the players enter into the chat rooms where they get to meet their opponents and interact with the virtual assistant who overlooks the game. It is there to answer your questions and lead the game. It’s one of the reasons that makes bingo fun and entertaining.

  1. Augmented reality

Everyone must be familiar with Pokemon Go, a game that everyone went crazy over a few years back. Pokemon has been a beloved anime franchise for the millennials and Gen Z and Pokemon characters have been the centre of attention for many fans. To see their favourite characters come to life in the real world has been the purpose of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go collaborated with AI company Niantic Labs to make these characters look authentic. And this has been possible all because of the combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Even though augmented reality is at a nascent stage, very soon we will get to interact at a live casino using this technology in our living room or anywhere else for that matter. This is going to be a groundbreaking development and it will blur the lines of reality and technology.

  1. Dealer games

Live dealer games are one of the contributors to the soaring popularity of the games. They make the games realistic as players get to interact with live dealers. But to make it more inventive, online operators are planning to add robots as dealers. They are planning to manufacture more games with robot dealers to gain high engagement to the sites. And also build curiosity among new and amateur players. The robot dealers will perform similar to live dealers who will look over the game and be proficient and well-trained with the rules and regulations and the entire gaming procedure.

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