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Auto Assembly is only 24 hours away and we are getting excited for it and I dare say all of you lucky enough to be attending are as well, so what could be better than getting you in the mood than a little taste of AA magic in the form of another free edition of CT Alpha?

Rather than do a one-off free edition, we decided to make the regular issue free, to give you all a look at “proper” issue as it were, and if you are so inclined once you’ve read it, you can head on over to our subscriptions page and subcribe. All monies go towards convention expenses, you know guests

So without further ado here are your links, and we have a few options so everyone should be able to download without any problems.

Screen-Friendly Version

Hi-res Print Version

What do we have in CT-Alpha Issue Three?

Comic strip wise we have the latest in our ongoing Transformers Animated comic strip.  The focus shifts away from both Cybertron and Earth as we look in on Team Athenia and Rodimus in particular in A Rock and a Hard Place.   Joining me on art duties this strip is Ben Pirrie who handles inks.

Machine Wars: Transformers – the 1997 footnote in Transformers toylines get six pages of adventure, in something of a nod to old 70’s Marvel UK reprints and the IPC Robo Machine storyline, as we boil down a pilot episode into 6 pages of monochrome mayhem.

Transformers: Generation 2 Halloween Special gets a review as we kick off an on-going review of the Transformers: Generation 2 comic series with this bizarre half-way house between the original comic and Generation 2.

Reboot in Disguise? It’s fashionable to moan about reboots in Transformers, given that the toyline seems to reset every few years and seems to have done so since after Robots in Disguise. But guess what reboots in Transformers go back a lot further, all the way back to The Transformers: The Movie as Karl Thurgood points out.

Auto Assembly artist extraordinaire Ed Pirrie takes us behind the scenes of Auto Assembly and tells us of the Auto Assembly exclusive that never was.

All wrapped up in a glorious cover by Gav Spence, who will be making his interior strip debut with Issue 5.

CT Alpha 3 Cover

That’s not the end of our free digital goodness heading your way this week, for on Thursday The Cybertronian Times proper will also be available for you all to download.   Now this is a little of a double-edged sword, as this year we won’t be able to offer you a printed version.  Now this wasn’t a decision taken lightly, given how our publications have evolved over the last few years.  But we were faced with the choice of publishing something that wasn’t going to match last years efforts and rather than do that, we took the painful choice of not having any physical copies printed up.  We hope you aren’t too disappointed, and we would like to stress that this is not the way forward and that next year you can look forward to once again getting a  printed copy of The Cybertronian Times as well as two other companion publications.

Does this year’s digital edition mean we are skimping, of course not and to whet your appetites here is a look at the cover, drawn and coloured by Liam Shalloo, and we think you’ll agree it’s fantastic.

Cybertronian Times 14 Cover

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