Introducing the Broadcast Booth at Auto Assembly 2015!

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Podcasting and toy reviewing seem to have become as much a part of the TF community as customising and fanficcing, and at this, our final Auto Assembly, we’d like to give our intrepid creative fans and reviewers some recognition, and some space to do what they do best so we’re proud to bring you the Broadcast Booth!

Available for use at the convention all weekend, the Broadcast Booth is a room that we will be setting aside that will be dedicated for all of you vloggers and podcasters to capture your feelings and thought live at the venue, and perhaps get to review some very special items… If you have a podcast and want to record a show live at the convention, got a new toy and are desperate to record a new toy review for your Youtube channel and just can’t wait until you get home, or if you just want to see how some of the more well known youtubers and podcasters our there do it, then this will be the room for you!

The room will be fully staffed and equipped with video recording equipment so you won’t need to worry about bringing your own camera and footage will be available for you after the convention via Dropbox. Recording a podcast? Just bring along your recording equipment and plug it into the power sockets provided! Want your show to be more interactive with audience participation? That’s not a problem either as we’ll have capacity for up to 40 fans to join you as you record your videos or shows!

The room will be open all weekend and is completely free for anyone to use – just get in touch to book your time slots then come along and get recording. Just remember to let us know if you want your session to be public or open to audiences to come along and enjoy your recording sessions!

Email us now to book at or come along on the day to see if we have any available time slots left!

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