Get Down With Jazz In The Cybertronian Times!

Right back to the early issues of our fanzine The Cybertronian Times the publication had a letters section. Whether our readers have wanted to comment on the fanzine itself or anything to do with all aspects of Transformers, we’ve always encouraged reader interaction in all ways with us. Just like the old Marvel G1 comics with their letters page, we’ve had our host for our letters. While Marvel may have turned to everyone’s favourite Dinobot with Grim Grams, we’ve handed control over to a certain high-speed, laid back Autobot…

Every issue you can send in your letters (okay emails in this modern age) to Jazz Jives! and we’ll try to publish as many as we can in each issue. If you have something to say about The Cybertronian Times, or want to get something off your chest about what’s happening in the world of Transformers, just drop us an email to with Jazz Jives! in the subject line. You’ll be able to spot the letters section in future issues thanks to the great new logo design by our artist Paula Griffee!

If you missed the last issue, you can download it FREE at and our next issue will be available soon. To have a chance of seeing your letter in Issue 18, make sure it reaches us by the end of March 2016!

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